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Senior Year: Last Day of My First Day

On August 27th, 2017, I moved back to my dorm with my sister Danielle, my friend Kaila, and our new roommate Cheyanne. This day will be the last day I move into my dorm, here at the University of Hartford. Later that week I officially started class, for the first time this year. It is officially the first day of my last day taking classes here at the UHART.  Not only is this my last year as a student, but it would be my last year as a Seed.

As I move forward, I can only be thankful for lessons I learn along the way. In my life, I have had my ups and downs, although I had my family and friends to be there to support me. I also had times where I had to trust in myself, and do what was best for me. I had some relationships that grew and blossomed and others that withered away, but nevertheless, they all helped me in the long run. 

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