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Introducing our new Professional Development Coaching Program!

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Through our tailored industry-specific coaching, you'll gain invaluable insights to propel your career forward. From refining your resume to mastering the intricacies of internship or job searches, our experts ensure you're equipped with the skills and knowledge to excel. Delve into enriching seminar topics designed to empower your professional growth. 

Meet our Seeds Professional Development Associates:

Deandra Simon

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Deandra is committed to authentically taking up space, championing the professional development of her peers, and inspiring other Gen-Zers to achieve greatness throughout their life. A proud native of New York, Deandra is a versatile multimedia storyteller with a track record of driving strategic partnerships, sales initiatives, and pioneering content at renowned organizations such as Apple, Disney, Atlantic Records, Paramount, and numerous others. As an Engineering Program Manager at Apple Music, she collaborates seamlessly across various teams and engages with third-party partners on a global scale. Beyond her 9-to-5 commitments, Deandra actively contributes to her community by volunteering with the Black @ ADCOLOR Mentorship committee and leading inclusion efforts at her current company. At her core, Deandra is deeply passionate about driving the global expansion of social enterprises through media and technology while championing diversity and inclusion initiatives.

Deandra holds a master's degree in Media Studies from Brooklyn College and previously earned her bachelor's degree with a concentration in English and African-American Studies from John Jay College.

Serena Persaud

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Serena is a dedicated medical student with a passion for healthcare, research, and community service. Currently pursuing her Doctor of Medicine degree at St. George’s University, Serena has a diverse educational background. She holds a Master of Science in Human Nutrition from Columbia University and a Bachelor of Arts in Neuroscience from Hamilton College, where she also acquired minors in mathematics with a focus on statistical analyses and art. Throughout her academic journey, Serena has actively engaged in research, working with both animal and human subjects. Her studies have encompassed diverse topics, including the utilization of eye tracking to diagnose neurodegenerative diseases and the application of advanced techniques such as chemogenetics in rodents. Serena's commitment to healthcare extends beyond the classroom, as evidenced by her volunteer roles as an Emergency Medical Technician and as a Health Coach, where she has assisted underserved patients with conditions such as Diabetes Mellitus in managing a healthy lifestyle. With her dedication to academic excellence, research prowess, and commitment to serving others, Serena aspires to make a significant impact in the field of medicine.

Makayla Anderson

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Makayla (artistically known as MK) was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY, strongly identifying with their West Indian roots and heritage. Makayla earned a Bachelor’s of Business Administration (2021) and Master’s of Business Administration (2022) from Hampton University’s 5 Year MBA Program, in addition to a minor in Leadership Studies. Currently based in Boston, MA – Makayla is a Consultative Sales Account Executive at Procter and Gamble. Through this role, Makayla manages household name brands such as Vicks Dayquil and Nyquil, Pepto-Bismol, Crest and Oral-B.

Makayla identifies as a changemaker and holds a true passion for mental health and wellness. In efforts to hone in on this passion, Makayla is currently enrolled in the University of Cincinnati’s Master’s of Health and Wellness Management Program. Utilizing lessons learned through healing traumatic life experiences – Makayla also leverages being a writer/poet and trauma-inclusive yoga instructor to create wellness experiences that serve and prioritize Black, women-identifying individuals. This wellness experience guides individuals currently navigating their healing journeys through reflection, movement and community. 

Ariel Laura Metayer

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Ariel is a wealth equity advocate and the Founder of The Luminous Lab, a collective incubator space designed for first-generation visionaries seeking to thrive professionally and personally through events, mentorship, and industry-specific opportunities. With a steadfast commitment to fostering constructive change, Ariel Laura utilizes her expertise in social impact, strategic partnerships, and media marketing to enable economic mobility for. 

After graduating in Government & Politics at St. John’s University, Ariel Laura became a U.S. State Department Fulbright Fellow and Harvard-backed Aspire Leader Fellow, she has leveraged her expertise to address pressing social issues and advocate for the rights of girl's education and women's advancement through targeted enrichment programming. Her dedication to advancing women's wellness and promoting diversity and inclusion has earned her recognition as a thought-leader and influencer in her field. From fashion houses of the likes from Coach to Chanel to media giants as Warner Brothers to William Morris Entertainment, Ariel Laura has now pipelined her talents to Brooklyn Funding Group supporting their Strategic Partnerships, as the first and only Black-owned private real estate funding institution in the U.S.


Discover the advantages of partnering with our Professional Development Coaches today!

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