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Our Story

Seeds of Fortune Inc.  is marking 10 years of making a financial impact for young women from diverse backgrounds impacting their EDUCATION, MONEY, AND CAREER

4,000+ Scholars Members Impacted 


Our students have been supported and encouraged as future doctors, lawyers, financial professionals, activists, and artists. They graduate with not just a degree, but the employable skills and knowledge required to face their financial futures with $45 Million acquired in scholarships and grants with the least amount of debt. 

Our Tech Platform 

We Launched our Tech platform in 2020 to make finances and college access more accessible to young women of color across the nation.  

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Platform College Prep Actions Completed


Platform College & Financial Literacy

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 Our Alumni Stories 


Nayancie Matthews' Baurch College

Seed Scholar' 18-22

Pfizer, Emerging Markets PPM, Trans, Strat & Innovation Associate

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Makayla Anderson' Hampton University

Seed Scholar' 16-21 

Account Executive, Procter & Gamble 


Naomi Johnson' Howard University

Seed Scholar' 17-21  

National Basketball Association, Corporate Services, Merchandising, Guest Experience & Hospitality Planner


Shateva Long' Boston University 

Seed Scholar' 17-23 

Product Manager, Microsoft 

Alumni Employers

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Seeds of Fortune Inc. Awards


Submission Due Date: April 1, 2024 

Alumni Award Presented by Mio Partners
Seeds of Fortune Inc. 2024 Alumni of the Year Award will select one Alumni to be awarded $1000. Submit Response Below Max 500 Words 

Thank you! We’ll be in touch.

Seed Scholar of the Year 
Seeds of Fortune Inc. 2024 Scholar of the Year to be awarded $500. HS Senior Submit Response Below Max 500 Words 

Thank you! We’ll be in touch.

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