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Colorado College Student Spotlight Interview with Black-American Student, Janeiya Porter

Janeiya Porter of Colorado College

 Janeiya Porter is majoring in English (Literature) with a minor in Molecular Biology. She intends to graduate in 2026

What advice do you have for Juniors and Seniors in high school who want to attend Colorado College and…

a. … are from a bigger city and are worried about adapting to a different setting? OR Are from the East Coast, and have never visited Colorado? 


I would suggest attending one of Colorado College’s fly-in programs. These programs allow accepted and interested students to experience Colorado College and Colorado Springs before committing. I am from Chicago and attended the admitted student program with my mom. I did not have to pay for anything, and I got to talk to current students and explore my surroundings. The experience aided my decision to choose Colorado College. 

I would also suggest connecting with alumni from your high school. You may be able to find someone who currently attends or graduated from Colorado College. It’ll be helpful to get their perspective because they were once in the same position as you! Finally, people come from all different places to CC. Although I felt homesick during my first year, I met many students who were also from Chicago. Knowing that some of my peers understood what I missed most about home, I felt better. 

b. … are worried about the cost of attending a private university? 

First, I would check to see if the school meets 100% of the student's financial needs. Another suggestion would be to apply for scholarships. Local scholarships are a great opportunity because not as many people apply compared to scholarships for everyone. For example, an annual scholarship in my town only applies to residents. You do not have to stop applying for scholarships after committing to a school. A lot of colleges/universities have scholarships for current students. For instance, an Alumni Association Student Leader Scholarship is currently open to sophomores and juniors on financial aid at Colorado College. Take advantage of opportunities like these!

C. ….. want their application to stand out?

Tell the school about you. The people reading your application do not know you, and no number of essays would even begin to cover who you are as a person, but discussing your interests and values is a starting point. Then, connect those interests to what the school has to offer. For example, if you like the outdoors, that is great, but why do you like the outdoors, and how would CC allow you to engage outdoors? Is there a specific event? Course? 

What led to your decision to attend college in Colorado at Colorado College where the Block Plan is offered? 

I first heard about Colorado College from my college counselor. The idea of the Block Plan drew me in. As someone who had school from 7:45 am to 4:37 pm every day pre-COVID, I loved the thought of taking one course at a time for three and a half weeks. I also struggle with math and science, although I have a great interest in those subjects as a future nurse; I knew that focusing on these courses one at a time would help improve my skills because I would have the day to study and focus on one subject versus four or five classes.

One non-negotiable for me during my college search was anywhere but Illinois. I love my state, but I was also immensely dependent on the comfort of my home, and I did not think I would ever leave if I did not do so for college. Colorado College, clearly out of state, presented a new and unknown opportunity.

The financial aid package was generous, and the study abroad program at CC was amazing. I did not get the chance to travel much when I was younger, and Colorado College offers so many opportunities to leave the country while learning. I studied in Paris for a month, and it changed my life. Seven-year-old Janeiya would be smiling. 

Can you describe what kind of support/communities exist for minority students at Colorado College? 

Affinity groups! These communities are a way to connect with people with similar backgrounds or experiences. Depending on the group, they meet at least once or twice a month. Plus, they hold events such as the Powwow, Black Excellence Gala, and more! There is also a Bridge Scholars Program that caters to minority students. The program begins a couple of weeks before the fall semester starts, allowing underrepresented students to experience Colorado College and meet each other.

In what ways can a Student of Color find her niche at Colorado College? Feel supported?

Colorado College usually holds a Club Fair where all club and organization leaders gather in one space to discuss and promote their club/organization. Students can walk around and see if anything interests them during this time. The Butler Center is also a great resource on campus that supports students, for one-on-one connections and information. 

What are some of Colorado College's most notable programs? (Programs of study, extracurriculars, etc). 

In no particular order: Environmental Studies/Science; Molecular Biology; Psychology; Business, Economics, and Society, English. As for extracurriculars: Our Outdoor Education program with its over 200 trips every year, our field study opportunities with 100% participation and more of an experiential learning experience for students, and so much more!

What advice would you offer a student who is considering attending Colorado College, but is on the fence about it?

Engage with the school! Attend fly-in programs and informational sessions, sign up for an interview, and connect with current students. If you are considering the school, then there is something you like about it. Don’t let one aspect make your decision without doing your research. Make sure you consider everything you are looking for in a school, and if CC checks all those boxes, then become a tiger!

One word to describe a Colorado College student?


 Janeiya Porter and her Colorado College Peers

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