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Innovation Research Fellowship

Innovation Research

Gen Z will be matched with a Fortune 500 company and learn to lead by creating a corporate executive team, advocate for their communities and divide into groups to help corporations learn how to deeper engage with local communities. Industries represented Healthcare, Beauty, Tech, Finance, and more.

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Professional Presentation

How does Innovation Research Works?

Students will create group projects running a company with a partner corporation for 10 weeks, while also receiving college and financial literacy support. In the Fall and Spring of Senior year, students will receive assistance with the college application process and admission. 

  • JUNE '24: Women of Color Creating Wealth Summit & Awards, Intro to Company, Understanding Leadership Positions, Advocacy

  • JULY '24: Public Speaking, Department Meetings, Team Meetings -

    • Marketing

    •  Finance

    •  Operations Management & Human Resource

    • Tech & IT

  • AUGUST '24: Final Corporate Presentations

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