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College Prep Leadership 
Columbia University Campus

The program runs online, with a MANDATORY in-person College Prep Experience at Columbia University.
Learn more about the structure, content, and benefits of the training:


What is the College Prep Leadership Program?

Are you a high school student with big dreams of attending college and achieving your goals? Look no further, as our comprehensive 6-month College Prep Leadership Program is designed to equip you with the essential tools and knowledge to make your college journey a resounding success!

The College Prep Leadership Program is an immersive hybrid learning experience to create a competitive college application process and beyond. Over the course of six months, you will engage in interactive sessions that focus on various key modules, each carefully curated to empower you on your college path. Gain hands-on experience, mentorship, and guidance on Columbia University's prestigious campus!


  • Meeting Columbia & Barnard Admissions + Other Top Colleges

  • Learn how to earn College Grants & Scholarships

  • Grow Your Network

  • Access Micro-Internships & Professional Skill Sets

  • University Panels

  • Private Networking Dinner

Time Commitment

Eligibility Requirements

Identify as Female 

  • Historically Unrepresented Student 

  • Current Senior - Class of 2024

  • Low to Moderate Income 

  • Student of Color 
    (African American, Hispanic/Latino &
    Indigenous Groups) 
    FREE to HH Income 
    UNDER $125,000/yr

  • Students with a household income less than $125K receive a $1000 scholarship to cover the cost of program fees

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Fall Dates:

OCT 1 - NOV 19, 2023

Virtual: Sundays

4:00 PM - 6:45 PM ET


In-Person: Oct 20-22 (@ Columbia)

*Out-Of-State Housing Fee: $250*

** Travel costs NOT provided

Spring Dates:

JAN - MAY 2024

Virtual: Last Sunday Monthly

4:00 PM - 6:45 PM ET

Deadlines and Interview 

Deadline to apply:

  • September 25, 2023


Upcoming Interview Dates:

  • September 26, 5:00 - 6:30 PM ET

Semi-Final Interview Dates:

  • September 26, 6:30 - 7:30 PM ET

College Prep Learning Modules

Virtual On-Demand Learning Modules right on your phone!

  1. Resume: Learn the art of crafting a standout resume that showcases your achievements, extracurricular activities, and unique skills, setting you apart as a strong candidate for colleges and scholarships.

  2. College Essay: Master the art of personal storytelling as you delve into writing a compelling college essay that captivates admissions officers and expresses your true essence.

  3. Scholarship and College Applications: Discover insider tips and strategies for navigating the complex world of college applications and securing valuable scholarships.

  4. Picking the Right School: Gain insights into selecting the college that aligns with your academic and personal aspirations, setting the stage for a fulfilling higher education journey.

  5. Saving for College: Understand the importance of financial planning and explore various methods to save for college expenses without compromising your dreams.

  6. Financial Aid: Navigate the world of financial aid, grants, and loans, ensuring you have the necessary resources to pursue your education without undue financial burden.

  7. College Major: Uncover your passions and interests, guiding you toward selecting a college major that aligns with your long-term goals and aspirations.

  8. Undocumented Students: Address the unique challenges faced by undocumented students, providing support and guidance on pursuing higher education.

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