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Leadership Program

The first online college prep platform dedicated to helping young women of color make the best financial decisions, starting with college.

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Yale Women in Economics Scholarship Program Participants

What is the Online Network?

The Seeds of Fortune Inc. Online CollegePrep Network provides young women of color in 11-12th grade an exclusive network to explore and develop scholarship and college packages, career skills, and financial literacy through an intensive online preparatory process.

The Online Network is based on the methodology of our Seeds of Fortune Inc. scholars program in Partnership with Yale Women in Economics, which seeks to create the next generation of financially empowered young women of color by helping them apply for college scholarships, as well as teach career and financial management skills.​ Participants in our scholar's program have been offered 30+ Million in college scholarships/financial aid to attend college. 

The Online Network

What do Seed Members Receive?

Seed Members
Yale Women in Economics Scholarship Program Participant


Exclusive Online College Prep Modules

  • Resume

  • College Essay

  • Scholarship and College Applications

  • Picking the Right School

  • Saving for College

  • Financial Aid

  • College Major

  • Undocumented Students*


Participate in conversations with people that have like-minded interests of being successful debt-free college graduates + Tele-Mentorship

Seed Scholars Program Participants
California Fly In Program


Exclusive events, as well as In-person and (6-7 Week) live video sessions to inquire about the college or scholarship application process, as well as access to our college partners

Ambassador Program:

Micro Internship

Teen Lead: Micro Internsip

What is
the Ambassador Micro Internship?

The Teen Lead position within our Seed Online College Prep Network is a micro internship that allows you to guide your peers through a special and unique pre-college experience

Teen Leads are special members of our Seeds of Fortune Inc. Online community and we're excited to have you become leaders within our organization. Teen Leads can use their leadership skills in future internships, on their resume, on future college campuses, and more! 

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