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Seeds University, established in January 2016, is dedicated to providing professional development opportunities for our University Scholars. Our goal is to ensure a smooth transition from college to career for our Seeds of Fortune Inc. HS Online College Prep Network Alumni. An Invitation is sent to all graduating HS Seniors in the Spring of their Senior Year. 

Benefits of Seeds University:

  1. Leadership Opportunities

  2. College Internships

  3. Financial Literacy Support

  4. Professional Conferences and Seminars

  5. Network of Ambitious College Students

Member Login: 


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Career Fellows Program

Seed University Members are chosen for the opportunity to intern or participate in professional development with corporations, nonprofits, educational institutions, and public sector organizations to learn skills in their industry of choice.


  • 1-1 Career Coach 

  • College Care Package

  • Invited to Exclusive Partner events during Fall and Spring Semester of College

  • Assigned support and matched Director of College and Career Readiness

  • College Graduation Assistance 

  • Partner Internship Match 

  • Internship Interview Prep 

  • Access to our Career Opportunity Grants


Seeds University Council


The Seeds University Council members are Seeds of Fortune Inc. university students selected  to represent the university network across the nation. The University Council teaches high school Scholars tips to get into top colleges and scholarships. They provide feedback on college experiences and the needs of university students. Council members also have the opportunity to become Brand Ambassadors for Luster's Pink Lotion and meet with the International Team. 

Join the Seed University Council Application
Deadline May 1, 2024

Thank you! We’ll be in touch.

Seeds University
Members on Campus

Seed University

Members Directory

Alfred University

Kamila Roman, Class of 2026 

American University

Priscilla Sopitan, Class of 2024

Aniyah Woods, Class of 2025

Aiko Ballantyne, Class of 2025

Linda Hernandez, Class of 2026

Sade Goodridge, Class of 2027

Anne Arundel Community College

Ahshawna Johnson, Class of 2027 

Arizona State University (Tempe, AZ)

Chinmai Giddigam, Class of 2027 

Babson College

Janelle Molina, Class of 2025

Jaida Delacruz, Class of 2026

Ally Bueno, Class of 2026

Melanie Candelo, Class of 2026

Rocelin Jimenez, Class of 2026

Lila Purvis, Class of 2027

Barnard College of Columbia University

Stephanie Sarpong, Class of 2025

Mariam Sikiru, Class of 2025

Jeanette Luna, Class of 2025

Howard University

Calisa Myrie, Class of 2025

Kathryn Akurut, Class of 2025

Alexis Colliard, Class of 2025

Elise Blake, Class of 2025

Ra'mya Davis, Class of 2026

Ashleigh Johnson, Class of 2026

Reonna Gober, Class of 2026

Huntah Finnie, Class of 2026

Chimdindu Okafor, Class of 2026

Jasmin Turkson, Class of 2026

Kylee Blount, Class of 2027

Sydney Helstone, Class of 2027

Mia Keitt, Class of 2027

Meagan Vanzie, Class of 2027

Mocorah Lewis, Class of 2027

Hunter College (CUNY)

Anais Fortiz, Class of 2025

Sue’Naya Jimenez, Class of 2025

Annette Palacios, Class of 2025

Maria Osorio, Class of 2026

Destiny Osario, Class of 2026

Tamara Roberts, Class of 2026

Lisbeth Santos, Class of 2026

Iyana Charoo, Class of 2027

Mikaela Garcia, Class of 2027

Jaida Thomas, Class of 2027

Baruch College (CUNY)

Ashley Norbert, Class of 2025

Maya Samuel, Class of 2025

Mariam Saleem, Class of 2025

Liyannah Love, Class of 2025

Dorothy Nathan, Class of 2026

Nadira Hussain, Class of 2026

Diara Rivers, Class of 2027

Dalihcie Inga, Class of 2027

Princess Wilson, Class of 2027

Nyla Pierre, Class of 2027

Sharon Gorden, Class of 2027

E'terniti Harper, Class of 2027

Hannah Medor, Class of 2027

Belmont University

Azaria Forde, Class of 2026

Ivy Tech Community College

Benedicta Acherekoh, Class of 2027

Jackson State University

Desiree Simon, Class of 2027

James Madison University

Gabrielle Williams, Class of 2027

John Jay College of Criminal Justice (CUNY)

Joanna Charles, Class of 2026

Samantha Bruno, Class of 2027

Johns Hopkins University

Aunti-fla Gai, Class of 2026

Iheoma Anaemeribe, Class of 2026

Nicole Parris, Class of 2026

Bentley University

Blessing Ojo, Class of 2026

Boston College 

Isabel Barberi, Class of 2026

Sang Sherpa, Class of 2026

Yaa Bempong, Class of 2027

Boston University

Nahomi Brea Rivera, Class of 2025

Sammuela Aboagyewaah, Class of


Chelsea Boakye, Class of 2026

Emile Jimenez, Class of 2026


Bowie State University

Chelsea Boakye, Class of 2026 

Boston University

Nahomi Brea Rivera, Class of 2025

Sammuela Aboagyewaah, Class of


Chelsea Boakye, Class of 2026

Emile Jimenez, Class of 2026

Bridgewater State University

Tyeisha Gilchrist, Class of 2026

Brown University

Tessa Boatswain, Class of 2026

Tenasica Barnwell, Class of 2026

Jenae Summers, Class of 2027

Michelange Senat, Class of 2027

Bucknell University

Athaliah Elvis, Class of 2026

Dominique Mahoner, Class of 2026

Laura Ozoria, Class of 2027

California Institute of Technology

Carolina Lopez, Class of 2027

Chigozirim Ifebi, Class of 2027

California State University, Bakersfield

Ivette Villa Vazquez, Class of 2027

City College (CUNY)

Tamina Cochrrane-Walker, Class of


Nicole Velez, Class of 2025

Abigail Altamirano, Class of 2026

Ada Liu, Class of 2026

Marina Morcos, Class of 2026

Cindy Remache, Class of 2026

Claremont McKenna

Alison John, Class of 2025

Clark Atlanta University

Cesia Licona-Kumi, Class of 2025

Aja King, Class of 2027

Essence Richardson, Class of 2027

Clark University

Kelechi Akabuogu, Class of 2026

Jasleen Lally, Class of 2026

Colby College (ME)

Aishah Awotubo-Qasim, Class of 2027

College of Charleston

Kaitlyn Hardy, Class of 2027

Cornell University

Jade Melendez, Class of 2025

Iasia Henderson, Class of 2025

Jada Aryee, Class of 2026

Galiba Anjum, Class of 2026

Chelsea Chinedo, Class of 2026

Itunu Adejare, Class of 2027

Columbia University

Renae Yarde, Class of 2026

Amanda Zheng, Class of 2026

Sciana Vertusma, Class of 2027

Culinary Institute of America

Tynasia Been, Class of 2026

Delaware State University

Laila Johnson, Class of 2026

Serena Simson, Class of 2026

North Carolina A&T State University

Jenae Farrington, Class of 2024

Kimarah w Bates, Class of 2024

Deneia Canty, Class of 2025

Aiyana Lockley, Class of 2027

Jasmin Azan, Class of 2027

Northeastern University

Shanya Sam, Class of 2025

Parys Carrington, Class of 2025

Habiba Tawfiq, Class of 2025

Basilia Oferbia, Class of 2026

Sarah Villamil, Class of 2027

Nova Southeastern University

Kayla Milom, Class of 2026

Prucia Valcourt, Class of 2026

Machla Methelus, Class of 2027

Kean University

Afiah Smith, Class of 2025

Mardhiat Ajetunmobi, Class of 2027

Kennesaw State University

Jordan Staples, Class of 2027

Kingsborough Community College (CUNY)

Harmonie Heath, Class of 2024

Ashaanti Jones, Class of 2025

LaGuardia Community College (CUNY)

Roselin Feliz, Class of 2025

Lehman College (CUNY)

Kilhah St.Fort, Class of 2025

Lincoln University

Brooklyn Clay, Class of 2025

Ayanna Perry, Class of 2026

Morgan State University

Sanaa Lucas, Class of 2025

Akiyah Smitherman, Class of 2025

Denesia Spencer, Class of 2025

Sianna Charlemagne, Class of 2027

Sharaya Humphries, Class of 2027

Mount Holyoke College (MA)

Gabriella Aviles, Class of 2027

Neurelis Bautista, Class of 2027

New Jersey Institute of Technology

Heidy Garcia, Class of 2027

College of Technology(CUNY)

Arianna Texidor, Class of 2026

New York Institute of Technology

Victoria Ramsumare, Class of 2026

Maylin Rosales, Class of 2026

Avani Hargobind, Class of 2026

New York University

Stephanie Kusi, Class of 2025

Chelsea Garcia, Class of 2026

Briana Lopez, Class of 2026

Jacqueline Ordonez, Class of 2026

Tasnia Rashed, Class of 2026

Tanaya Watson, Class of 2026

Anastasia Hukumchand, Class of 2027

Sole Muhammad, Class of 2027

Azalia James, Class of 2027

Yanelvis Gomez, Class of 2027

Sky Edward, Class of 2027

Rachelle Asare, Class of 2027

Norfolk State University

Alveeta Parker, Class of 2026

Meghan Merlain, Class of 2026

Long Island University

Lina Tayeh, Class of 2026

Loyola University of Chicago

Amina Howard, Class of 2027

Lynn University

Jazmin Springer, Class of 2026

Macaulay Honors College

Jaida Dent, Class of 2026

Mercy College

Jurianni Almonte, Class of 2025

Ashley Serrano, Class of 2026

Michigan State University

Naima Cotton, Class of 2027

Mississippi State University

Angelina Jackson, Class of 2027

Montclair State University

Solina Scantlebury, Class of 2027

College of Idaho

Chantal Ramirez, Class of 2027

Lafayette College

Akeena Hall, Class of 2026

Delhi State University of New York

Mame Bousso Kane, Class of 2026

Angela Padilla, Class of 2026

Drexel University

Elena Gao, Class of 2027

Mariesha Carter, Class of 2027

Duke University (NC)

Gabriela Mendoza, Class of 2027

Tiffany Whyte, Class of 2027

Emerson College

Zaryah Qareeb, Class of 2026

Emory University

Breanna Harris, Class of 2026

Yasmin Abdurahman, Class of 2027

Florida A&M University

Jasmine Edwards, Class of 2026

Annalyse Desir, Class of 2026

Nesya Small, Class of 2027

Florida International University

Thao Nguyen, Class of 2027

Stanaiya Gregoire, Class of 2027

Florida State University

Sania Nixon, Class of 2027

Framingham State University

Adefikayo Ajao, Class of 2025

Old Dominion University

Elishe Byrd-Jones, Class of 2025

Pace University

Mekayla Bailey, Class of 2025

Aaliyah Singh, Class of 2027

Parsons The New School of Design

Darian Castillo, Class of 2027

Mingkamol Jaiaree, Class of 2027

Penn State University

Emma Dyas, Class of 2026

Deana Nieves, Class of 2026

Danielle Sanois, Class of 2026

Yusrat Sanni, Class of 2026

Safira LaRosa, Class of 2027

Amena Safi, Class of 2027

Aniyah Freckleton, Class of 2027

Pitzer College

Sophie Varma, Class of 2025

Marley Thomson, Class of 2027

Te'yana Brown, Class of 2027

Pomona College (CA)

Timileyin Ibitokun, Class of 2027

Pratt Institute

Alondra Rodriguez, Class of 2027

Princeton University

Kamaula Rowe, Class of 2026

Liv Bobby, Class of 2026

Rosa Hernandez Diaz, Class of 2027

Queens College

Nicole Uzho, Class of 2024

Taneisha Lamour, Class of 2027

Quincy College

Hassatou Barry, Class of 2024

Shiron Maloney, Class of 2025

Fordham University

Vanessa Ramos, Class of 2025

Benedicta Donkor, Class of 2025

Christina Fontaine, Class of 2025

Nathalie Delossantos, Class of 2026

Raisa Noor, Class of 2026

Quinnipiac University

Morgan Pray, Class of 2027

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Temilolu Peters, Class of 2027

Cheyney University of Pennsylvania

Mecca Patterson-Guridy, Class of 2027

George Mason University

Reem Abuzaid, Class of 2027

Rice University

Hawa Diallo, Class of 2026

George Washington University

Emily Rose, Class of 2027

Rome City Insititute

Ameera Malik, Class of 2027

Georgia Southwestern State University

Danielle Brown, Class of 2026

Georgia State University

Danna Doyle, Class of 2027

Zanay Monfries, Class of 2027

Coreana Wells, Class of 2027

Grinnell College (IA)

Jayla Johnson, Class of 2027

Rutgers University-New Brunswick

Julia Flete, Class of 2026

Marisa Syed, Class of 2027

Mekaeli Cox, Class of 2027

Chaniya Medina, Class of 2027

Linh Ngo, Class of 2027

Autumn Dazulma, Class of 2027

School of Visual Arts

Jasmine Pratt, Class of 2025

Hamilton College 

Kiara Nelson, Class of 2025

Ashley Lopez, Class of 2026

Liyah Kemp, Class of 2027

Simmons University

RuthAnn Prescott, Class of 2024

Seminole State College

Ana Leah Bertubin Ramos, Class of 2027

Hampton University

Aaliyah Goins, Class of 2024

Isis Smith, Class of 2027

Hartwick College

Aalimato Lene, Class of 2026 

Harvard University

Vanessa Iwuoha, Class of 2026

Taylor Davis, Class of 2027

Emma Pham-Tran, Class of 2027

Hofstra University

Jasmine Sellars, Class of 2025

Hostos Community College (CUNY)

Aalijah Lawrence, Class of 2026

Howard Community College

Judly-hearty Agyingi, Class of 2027

Smith College

Kylie Peters-Liverpool, Class of 2025

Jayola Reid, Class of 2025

Tahiya Chowdhury, Class of 2026

Stevenson University

Kanfing Kourouma, Class of 2026

Stony Brook University

Kyla James, Class of 2026

Abigail Johnson, Class of 2026

Kiera Foster, Class of 2026

Rojina Basnet, Class of 2027

SUNY Albany

Kiana Wright, Class of 2025

Bianca Clement, Class of 2025

Jamieka Findlay, Class of 2026 

Amira Burrell, Class of 2027

Dalina Garcia, Class of 2027

SUNY Buffalo

Carltrice Getton, Class of 2025

Chidinma Nnorom, Class of 2027

Aliya Ambachen, Class of 2027

Isabella Delgado, Class of 2027

SUNY Binghamton

Racquel Whittingham, Class of 2024

Huilin Li, Class of 2026

Vienna Du, Class of 2027

SUNY Cobleskill

Sheldan Clerge, Class of 2027

SUNY Fashion Institute of Technology

Shayna Ethridge, Class of 2026

Mia Jackson, Class of 2027

Nicole Martínez Sierra, Class of 2027

SUNY Fredonia

Shanty Figueroa, Class of 2024

SUNY New Paltz

Abrial Wray, Class of 2026

SUNY Oswego

Jerelyn Perez, Class of 2026

Swarthmore College

Lisa Farley, Class of 2026

Syracuse University

Tamara Rodriguez, Class of 2024

Symphony Hylton, Class of 2024

Rahnaya Clarke, Class of 2026

Ashanti Thomas, Class of 2026

Temple University

Uchechi Okoro, Class of 2025

Chloe Webb, Class of 2026

Alysha Mcknight, Class of 2026

Texas A&M University — Corpus Christ

Taylor Adams, Class of 2027

Texas Southern University

Kori Pounds, Class of 2026

Texas State University

Chelsea Jackson, Class of 2026

Shuntaevya Hill, Class of 2027

Noelle Guillory, Class of 2027

The Savannah College of Art and Design

Kiersten Cowan, Class of 2026

Kendyl Burse, Class of 2027

The University of Rochester

Rizouana Prome, Class of 2026

Thomas Jefferson University

Prutha Patel, Class of 2027

Towson University

Kyndahl Fortune, Class of 2027

Kassidy Pharr, Class of 2027

Mariah Wilson, Class of 2027

Trinity College

Kayla Tipton, Class of 2025

Tufts University (MA)

Blossom Ibudeh, Class of 2027

Goodness Nwanna, Class of 2027

UC San Diego

Maya Adenihun, Class of 2027


Kiera Flores, Class of 2027

Jimena Garcia Basurto, Class of 2027

UNC-Chapel Hill

Kayla Evans, Class of 2026

Union College (NY)

Annie Lei, Class of 2027

Antoinette Gamble, Class of 2027

University of California Santa Cruz

Alexis Escobedo Escobedo, Class of 2027

University of California Santa Barbara

Elena Padilla, Class of 2027

University of Chicago

Jocelyn Ruiz, Class of 2025

Olivia Gillis, Class of 2025

Zaniah Wheeler, Class of 2027

University of Connecticut

Kiara Porterfield, Class of 2027

Elle Dodd, Class of 2027

University of Florida

Brielle Jean Baptiste, Class of 2026

University of Georgia

Kennedy Johnson, Class of 2026

University of Kentucky

Lusiam Kamara, Class of 2026

University of Maryland

Divine-Glory Akinsola, Class of 2026

Kaziah Acquaye, Class of 2027

Sydnie Collins, Class of 2027

Brianna Prempeh, Class of 2027

Rachel Raji, Class of 2027

University of Massachusetts

Kaliyah Rosser, Class of 2026

Bianca Raison, Class of 2026

Enoma Omwanor, Class of 2026

Crystal Aduful, Class of 2027

University of Miami

Liana Stern, Class of 2024

Spelman College

Sian Lee, Class of 2025

Briana Fletcher, Class of 2026

Avery Butler, Class of 2026

Lorissa Louison, Class of 2026

Saige Goodman, Class of 2026

Adji Keinde, Class of 2026

St. Francis College

Zuhro Olimova, Class of 2026

Saaya Kanhoye, Class of 2027

Andia Richards, Class of 2027

St. John's University

Saige Cooke, Class of 2025

Cherly Mancebo, Class of 2025

Veronique Johnson, Class of 2026

University of Michigan

Bryanda Washington, Class of 2026Nancy Zheng, Class of 2027

University of North Carolina—Chapel Hill

Pristine Onuoha, Class of 2027

University of North Georgia

Janelviz Tejada, Class of 2027

University of Notre Dame

Ifeoluwa Aluko, Class of 2026

Jade Mitchell, Class of 2027

Marine Irvine Assoumou, Class of 2027

University of Pennsylvania

Natalie Henry, Class of 2027

University of Richmond

Jordan Ford, Class of 2025

Chelsea Waruzi, Class of 2027

University of Rochester

Akamewane Ebude, Class of 2027

Yoselin Flores, Class of 2027

Aya Raji, Class of 2027

University of San Diego

Danielle DePinto, Class of 2026

University of South Florida

Kaleigh McPherson, Class of 2026

University of Southern California

Sasha Lawrence, Class of 2025

Briana Zeggane, Class of 2026

University of Southern Mississippi

Atavia Sanford, Class of 2027

University of Texas at Dallas

Aduralere Osunjimi, Class of 2027

University of the District of Columbia

Ciahna Chloe, Class of 2027

University of Virginia

Serenity Sherwood, Class of 2024

Jocelyn Osei, Class of 2026

Eden Mulugeta, Class of 2027

Vanderbilt University

Riti Shrestha, Class of 2026

Virginia State University

Jayla Gilmore, Class of 2025

Virginia Tech

Maimouna Ba, Class of 2026

Nina Yang, Class of 2027

Washington University in St. Louis

Aja Topps-Harjo, Class of 2025

Chelsea Haye, Class of 2027

Wayne State University

Kyhla Walker, Class of 2027

Wellesley College

Angelique Allen, Class of 2026

Erica Norris, Class of 2027

Wesleyan University

Jadyn George, Class of 2025

Williams College

Alison Mercedes, Class of 2026

Winston Salem State University

Nina Lewis, Class of 2025

Xavier University of Louisiana

Gabriella Wicker, Class of 2026

Abby Wang, Class of 2026

Paige Peyton, Class of 2027

Yale University

Maya George, Class of 2026

Victoria Vilton, Class of 2026

Briana Dubon, Class of 2027

Yna Owusu, Class of 2027

York College

Berlan-Dhiny Dorismond, Class of 2027

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