Seed Investors

A Seed Investor is an individual, who is dedicated to investing in young women and are looking to receive a higher rate of return through the opportunity to provide a young woman the ability to gain access to higher education, start her career path, and most importantly build her financial acumen. 

Bull Market Donors

A donor, aggressive in impacting young women of color and their financial future, creating systematic change in generational wealth in minority communities.

Brand Recognition:

Sponsor Dedication page

Angel and Growth, Equity Donor

Seed to Bloom Awards (15 Tickets)


Program or Event Naming Rights

Custom engagement with our Seed HS Scholar, Seed University and College Prep Online Members


Equity Donor

A donor that desires to journey with a young women through her 6 year financial adventure from high school to college graduation. Investing in both our high school and university program.

Brand Recognition:

Public Thank you advertisement in
the media

Angel and Growth Donor

Seed to Bloom Awards (10 Tickets)


Content Sponsorship inside of our College Prep Online Platform

Custom Engagement with Seed HS Scholars and College Prep Online Members

Free (2) JetBlue Airline Tickets

Growth Donor

A donor that desires to assist Seeds of Fortune Inc. in increasing capacity for our new and recurring programs.

Brand Recognition:

Mention in new product Press Release

Opportunity to display all Products,
Services, or company-Marketing Materials

Full-page company Advertisement in the Event Program

Seed to Bloom Awards​ (5 Tickets)

College Prep Boot Camp

Seed University Career and Financial empowerment Summit

Angel Donor inclusion


Award Naming Right

Company/Individual Name mentioned in all Media advertising: Print, Online, or Radio

Invitation to Annual Dinner

Angel Donor

Small businesses and individuals that believe in our mission and seek to sponsor (2) Individual Seed Scholars or (20) Online College Prep Network Seed Members.

Brand Recognition:

Sponsor Recognition on Marketing and Promotional collateral

Website and Scholar Application Distributed Logo (400 + Educational Institutions

Across NYC)

Full-page company Advertisement in

the Event

Program/Digital Sponsorship Logo in event

Seed to Bloom Awards (2 Tickets to the event)​

Summer College Prep Boot Camp

Social Media Tags Public


"Businesses/Individuals Who Invest"

Article Featured on Blog

Invitation to Annual Donors Thank You

Happy Hour

Opportunity to obtain Free (1)

JetBlue Airline Ticket

Sponsor a Scholar


Sponsor a scholar for $20.20

a month for a year.

Sponsorship includes:

Career Conferences and Resume

Building Workshops


Seed Investors

Vicki Thompson
Helen Nurse
Keisha Alleyne 
Beverley Tatham 
Juliana Rodriguez
Celeste Thompson

Chia Pan 
Kevin Bryuneel 
Bethany Morton
Alexis Javardian
Karen Toulon 

Thomas Ott

Josh Wark
Sterling Charles
Emmanuel Baptist Church 
Lu-Shawn Thompson
Diane Bailey 
Manyell Akinfe


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New York, NY 10001

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