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Seed Investors

A Seed Investor is an individual, who is dedicated to investing in young women and are looking to receive a higher rate of return through the opportunity to provide a young woman the ability to gain access to higher education, start her career path, and most importantly build her financial acumen. 

Seeds of Fortune Inc. Investors
bull market

Bull Market Donors

A donor, aggressive in impacting young women of color and their financial future, creating systematic change in generational wealth in minority communities.

Brand Recognition:

  • Inclusion of Logo on the Homepage

  • Full Page Inclusion in Annual Report sent to all Seeds of Fortune Inc. Sponsors, Corporate Volunteers/Professionals, General Audience, High School and College Partners.

  • Angel and Growth, Equity Donor


  • EdTech Platform custom engagement with our Seed HS Scholar in Partnership with Yale Women in Economics, Seed University and College Prep Online Members to understand the voice of Generation Z.

    • Custom Surveys​ 

    • Product Sampling

    • Pitch Compeittions 

  • Seed to Bloom Awards (Up to 12 Virtual Tickets) 

    • Custom 30 Minute Speaking Segment @ Seed to Bloom Awards ​

Seed Investor Level
balance scales

Equity Donor

A donor that desires to journey with a young women through her 6 year financial adventure from high school to college graduation. Investing in both our high school and university program.

Brand Recognition:

  • Mention in Annual Press Release 

  • Exclusive Inclusion of Logo Seed University Career and Financial empowerment Summit Event  

  • Half Page company Advertisement in Annual Report

  • Angel and Growth Donor


  • Custom Live Workshop Engagement with Seed University Scholars:

    • Annual Winter Career and Personal Finance Summit

    • Tri-Annual Semester Seminars 

  • EdTech Platform Module content Feature for Seed University 

  • Seed to Bloom Awards (Up to 10 Virtual Tickets) 

    • 5-10 Minute Speaking Session @ Seed to Bloom Awards ​

financial empowerment

Growth Donor

A donor that desires to assist Seeds of Fortune Inc. in increasing capacity for our new and recurring programs.

Brand Recognition:

  • Quarter Page company Advertisement in Annual Report

  • Program Community Outreach (2000+ Schools, CBOs, Partners) 

  • Angel Donor inclusion


  • Custom Live Workshop Engagement with High School Members.

    • Seed Online College Prep Network

    • HS Scholars in Partnership with Yale Women in Economics

  • EdTech Platform Module content feature Seed Online College Prep Network, and Seed Scholars w/ Yale Women in Economics 

  • Seed to Bloom Awards (Up to 6 Virtual Tickets) 

    • 2-5 Minute Speaking Session @ Seed to Bloom Awards ​


Angel Donor

Small businesses and individuals that believe in our mission and seek to sponsor (2) Individual Seed Scholars or (20) Online College Prep Network Seed Members.

Brand Recognition:

  • Inclusion on Donation Page Website 

  • Shared Quarter page advertisement in Annual Report

  • Social Media Highlight (LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram) 

  • Seed to Bloom Awards Highlight


  • "Businesses/Individuals Who Invest"

  • Article Featured on Blog

  • Invitation to Annual Donors Thank You Event and Gift 

  • Seed to Bloom Awards (2 Virtual Tickets to the event)​


Sponsor a Scholar

Sponsor a scholar starts at $21.00

a month annually. 

Desire to donate with your Network - Join the Angel Network. 

Sponsorship includes:

Career Conferences and Resume

Building Workshops, College Readiness Workshops, and Financial Literacy Education.

Monthly Sponsorship:

Annual Sponsorship:

Sponsoring Scholar
Seed Investors

Seed Investors

Individual Contributor
Manyell Akinfe-Reed Celeste Thompson Bernadette Mitchell  Bernadette Mitchell Laci Chilsom  Monica Britton James Najarian Tara Richmond  Kevin Bruyneel  Chris Sarro  Keisha Gaillard David Thomas Stephen Deets Shadawn Smith Latoya Jordan  Smitha Darisipudi

Angel Donor
Nicole Perry Swapna Reddy Chantel George  Kerry, Kystal Stark  Elizabeth Awerbuch Karen Boykin- Towns Jessica Reid-Adam Nogie Udevbulu

Growth Donor
Samual Keeler  Elissa Sangster Jennifer Kusa Julian Addy   

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