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School...Internship...I need money!

Afternoon Friends, 

Let's talk about jobs. I know it is hard to find a job while juggling school, internship, clubs, social life, and personal life, but I found a way to make some extra cash that isn't too demanding. Hospital and research student create small experiments and surveys and the need participants. Some students will conduct surveys and small researchers on their campus, and in return, the participant will get a reward. As for hospitals they create small experiments and will reward students with small cash at least up to $100. Depending on the payment, the most they will offer is at least $20 an hour. 

So far I have done at least three research studies at a local hospital and made at least $250 in a few months. One thing to consider when doing these studies off campus is transportation. Some hospitals will pay for the Uber or Taxi to pick you up and drop you off. The few extra dollars really went a long way when it came to buying groceries, going to and from my internship. 

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