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Long Distance Relationship….Old Fling

I am currently in a relationship, it's my junior year of college. To be honest, I never thought I, Dominique, would be in a relationship in college. It’s a long distance relationship my boyfriend is New York while I am currently in Connecticut. He seems to have his life more together than mine. In the beginning, I was skeptical about the relationship. I never had a serious relationship, or even a long distance one.

We started off as friends and grew closer. Over the summer, he took me out on dates and we would talk over the phone. I told my parents when I went home for a weekend. My dad isn’t really a hardass but, unless completely necessary, but nevertheless, he was concerned. He told me to be careful and just make sure that I keep school number one. My mom, on the other hand, she had known about my relationship before I even told her. But when I did tell her, she kept on telling me to make sure he puts your first in everything. And he treats you like a like a young lady, you know, he has to open the door for you and such. And I agree with her. So far I am loving my relationship.

On the other hand, in old fling news, remember Will, from my previous relationship blog. Well, he texted me on Facebook he wanted to apologize about what happened our freshman year. I told him if he wants to do something like that he should at least do it in person. He agreed, but you know he was like he has to get his hair done and let me know when we can meet up. After that, we had a small conversation and that was it.

If you are wondering if my boyfriend knows about him. I told him about Will but not everything, to be honest, I kind of forgot Will existed. When Will started talking to me, he tried to reminisce about old times, and I could barely remember the events he brought up. Some of the things came back to me, but most of it was gone.

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