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Keep on Movin - Temple University Dance Major Experience

My name is Makayla Peterson and I'm a freshman attending Temple University as a dance major. This spring semester juggling both academic and dance classes have been tough.

I have four dance related classes and two academic classes for gen eds. Dancing for hours may seem fun but it's actually a lot of hard work. My dance classes this semester have increased in intensity which takes a greater toll on my body. I am often sore, but I know that I am getting stronger every day. One of my dance related classes is lecture style, therefore, I do get homework assignments - surprisingly + of course gen ed work. 

Overall, this was a transition from last semester where my only academic course was English which included three papers all semester and short readings prior to class. Although the workload has increased, I do not mind because it keeps me busy. Besides my regular classes, I am also working on a piece for Temple's student dance concert which means rehearsals two to three times a week. It has been a challenge because of the fact that not all of the dancers have the same schedule but I learned to manage. I started the piece a the beginning of the semester to be ready for showtime in May. My additional rehearsals include the Students of Caribbean Awareness-newly named Rated S- dance team. Juggling dance, academics, and extracurricular activities can be quite intense but I am managing. Being a dance major can be hard work, yet I would not trade it for the world.

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