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Winter Break 2017 in Paris!!!

My name is Leozard, I am currently, a sophomore student at Medgar Evers College, and I made the conscious decision to attend my first study abroad trip. I took it upon myself to take advantage of seeking the first-hand experience of another foreign country and study. However, since I only took French 101 and unfamiliar with French history I fully took advantage of this experience and learned abundantly while overseas. This experience has defiantly impacted and complemented my academic career. Part of the experience has equipped me with cultural exposure.

In Paris, France there are many tourist attractions but some of the places I have visited while in Paris is Arc De Triomphe. There is an arc like this in Brooklyn and one in chinatown. America copied the idea from France. I accidentally found the Eiffel tower which is a spectacular view I would recommend to everyone. I took the time to go into Notre Dame and around the Louvre pyramid. The pyramid is a glass museum and Notre Dame is a roman cathedral where they hold mass and is one of the tourist attractions in Paris. I also visited the Jardin du Luxembourg this is where the locals take walks and enjoy their down time. There was a little culture shock for me, the food portions are smaller and you open the subway doors yourself when you enter the train. The buildings are constructed with a renaissance theme during the 17th and 18th century.  

I realized while in Paris I conveyed a unique desire to learn more from other people. Persians have found a different but way to live and made it their culture. The differences and the historical background is what brought it to my attention. I look forward to visiting Europe in the future.

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