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Top 14 Apps to Enhance Your College Experience

College is hard - but these days, there's an app for just about everything to make our lives easier. Here's my list of must-have apps to better your college experience.

  1. Blackboard: most teachers like to streamline coursework and grades on this site. Make sure to keep visiting the app (and website!) to stay up to date. Teachers sometimes post things and will not tell you in class. It is your duty to constantly keep checking it. 

  2. bSafe: is a must-have personal safety app. If you're ever walking home alone late at night, or find yourself in an uncomfortable situation, use this app to alert your bSafe friends. 

  3. Google Drive: this content sharing app makes it easy to share documents with classmates and advisors. It's especially useful if you have a big project with big files to send! 

  4. LinkedIn: the best professional networking app. Make sure you create your professional profile and grew your professional network with old employers, college peers and even professors! 

  5. Spotify and Pandora: sometimes it helps to listen to classical or soothing music, to study or even to catch some Z's.

  6. Quizlet: your digital study buddy! This app has useful flashcards and games made just for that subject. Sometimes there are already tools for that class!

  7. Mint: is a really good app for budgeting. 

  8. Uber and Lyft: always come in handy. I remember once, our school shuttle was not running and I really needed to go grocery shopping. There were no announcements. My friend and I stood outside for about an hour,  and finally found out the shuttle wasn't running through our school's Public Safety. At that point we just called an Uber there. 

  9. My Cycle Period and Ovulation Tracker: ladies, sometimes we just need a reminder. There are similar apps to this one that keep you on top of your menstrual cycle. 

  10. Amazon Prime!: there's a discount for students and it's an efficient way to buy your textbooks and other miscellaneous items.

  11. Wattpad: for the reader out there use Wattpad for some reading to get your mind off of school.

  12. Groupme: a simple way to group chat with others.

  13. Circle of 6: is another personal safety app intended mainly for college students. With just two taps, you can alert your friends of your location and how they can help.

  14. Any News App: college can be quite a bubble experience, so it's important to stay engaged by downloading any news app like: CNN, the New York Times, NPR, etc. 

With Love,  Dominique S.

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