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New Year...New Me?

Hey everyone, 

I am finally back at school, I know it has been awhile but I was so busy. However, in recent news, I broke up with my boyfriend on Christmas. He was causing me a lot of drama and he deserved it. The drama came from not getting any attention, to seeing girls commenting on his Instagram, saying things like "Mine" with a lot of heart eye emojis and heart emoji, but what also irritated me is the fact that he allowed it happen more than once, and influence that foolishness. So I ended it, and as soon as I did he blocked me on Facebook, so I blocked him on my phone and social media sites. I don't have time for drama, and child's play. You are a grown man, grow up.

In other news, "Will" has decided he wanted to start fresh and new, especially because he has a son, and he want to do right by him. Which I can understand, you have a child and you want to set a good example for him. 

So when Will finally came to apologize for what happened freshman year, he told me would like to be in my life but I told him I was not sure about that. Over the break when Will first texted me to apologize, I was still with my ex and told Will we could not be talking, out of respect for my relationship. Nevertheless, since I ended my old relationship, Will started to talk to me more however I did not fully engage in conversation, I did not want to tell him I ended my old relationship and I did not want him to think I ended the relationship because of him. So when he texted me to apologize, I told him to do it in person, I find it cowardly to break up or apologize for serious things over text message, doing it in person makes it seem more sincere. Even with my ex, I wanted to break up in person, but he kept on claiming he was busy with work and I did not want to remain faithful to someone who kept putting me on the back burner, meanwhile I know your not busy work because you posted videos on Instagram. But, anyway, when he came over we stayed downstairs, outside in the cold talking.

I am not going to lie the conversation was nice, it was easy going, it kept on going from one topic to another. But when it was finally over we went back upstairs, he had brought his friend over, and they left together. 

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