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Making the Most of Syllabus Week

Dear Future College Freshman,

There are some teachers that jump straight to the coursework, and then there are teachers that will facilitate icebreakers to get to know their students and use class time to walk through the course work. This usually makes for a relaxed and less stressful environment. Two words: enjoy. it


Take the time time to organize yourself by following some of my helpful tips. 

  1. Your teacher will either give you your syllabus or make you print a copy. Either way, always make a copy! I like to print an extra copy and post it above my desk and cross out every assignment I complete so I know what I need to do.

  2. If you have the chance, get your textbooks ahead of time. And actually open it! Skim through it, and just try to familiarize yourself with the content.

  3. One thing you should do is get a binder or a folder for all of your classes. When you finish the semester, you can put your notes in the binder for easy reference.

Be proactive and get the necessary tools to survive the school year. Good luck!


Dominique S.

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