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Does Dropping a Class look bad?

Dear future freshman,

Let’s discuss class withdrawal. What is withdrawal?  We have the option to withdraw from a class at a given point in the semester, which results in a “W” appearing on our transcript, but with no impact on GPA.

This is not something you should be ashamed of, if it's necessary. There are many reasons to withdraw from a class. I am actually in the process of considering withdrawing from a class.

My stress level is going through the roof, because of my programming class. I love to create the programs but my classmates grew up programming and have a huge advantage. It's supposed to be a beginners class but it doesn't feel like it. Since most students know the concepts, class feels like a review session to them, while I'm stuck trying to grasp new material.

Instead, of sulking, I took the initiative and spoke to the professor about my options. She encouraged me to go to my teacher assistant or T.A., for help, and that's exactly what I did. However, this solution did not necessarily help my situation, so I went to a tutor for help. I explained to him my struggle in class and on my tests. My tutor, being a graduate student, was in my shoes 10 years ago. With his help, I got better grades on my projects. Unfortunately, even then, it wasn't the big improvement I needed. I still found myself struggling during exams. I never withdrew from a class before, and at the time I thought it was the most embarrassing thing I could do. Personally, I take pride in doing good in my classes and not giving up, even if I had a low grade to begin with. I always stayed focused and found a way. But this time was different. 

After debating about it with my professor, and my advisor I finally decided to do what was right for me. I decided to withdraw from the class. I didn't want my GPA to suffer. The moral here, is always do what is right by you. It is not embarrassing to withdrawal from a class, if you need to do it. Do not prolong it. If you ever want advice, talk to your advisor, or mentor.


Domo S

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