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Because no means NO!

Updated: Mar 15, 2023

Dear Future College Freshman,

Let's talk about something really serious. Rape, and sexual assault. This particular blog is nothing to joke about. On campus rape and sexual assault is one of the biggest problems. I am part of a group called W.A.R.S, Women Against Rape, and Sexual Assault. We try to bring awareness to this problem. Some of you may not know the difference between rape and sexual assault. Rape is forced sex, usually with girls, or with someone who is minor and the offender isn’t. Sexual assault is sexual contact and/or behavior without consent.

Rape and sexual assault appear on a lot of campuses. Most universities say they take care of the problem, however, that is not always the case. The prevalence of rape could be the most shocking news you hear. Studies show, 1 out of 5 women is a victim of rape. Colleges are supposed to report it and make it national but in reality, rape rates are hidden from the public. But it's not always the school's fault, a vast majority of women do not report it. A lot of women break down and commit suicide.

A majority of women blame themselves because they wear tight clothes, and they flirt. But because you may participate in these activities, it does not mean you are asking for "it". If women are incoherent, meaning they are unable to answer properly, due to being under the influence, then that should be an obvious no.

Ladies you should not blame yourself for these things. You did not put yourself in this position. Speak out if you need to. If you are too scared to go at it alone tell someone you trust, that you know will be there for you. This is something serious do not hold back. Because if this person did this to you, imagine he could be doing this to someone else, but you could’ve said something to stop him.

If you need to talk I’ll be here.


Domo S.

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