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2023 Teen Vogue Summit with Seed University Marley Thomson

Marley Thomson, Te'yana Brown, Carolina Lopez, Chigozirim Ifebi, Timileyin Ibitokun and Chantal Ramirez and Executive Director, Nitiya Walker at the Teen Vogue Summit

Marley Thomson | Seeds of Fortune afforded me and 6 other Seed University members the opportunity to go to the Teen Vogue Summit and it was a life-changing experience. When I arrived at the actual Teen Vogue Summit, my eyes lit up seeing everything come to life. I’ve never attended the Teen Vogue Summit before and I truly underestimated how incredible the event would be.

One of the first people I saw outside of my Seed Sisters was Tiktoker Veondre Mitchell. I couldn’t believe my eyes since Veondre is someone I’ve been watching on TikTok since I first downloaded it in the 9th grade.

For me growing up and watching all of these influencers on my phone and now seeing them in person was a once in a lifetime moment. I was most excited and surprised to meet Reiya Downs, who played Shay in Degrassi. Degrassi is my all-time favorite show and I have always dreamed of meeting a cast member. To me it was humbling to see individuals I had grew up watching right in front of me and being able to interact with them and share this experience with my Seed Sisters was special.

Everyone at the Teen Vogue Summit was friendly and engaging. Influencers like Veondre, Madison Werner, Anna Banana, and ThatDollMo were in attendance and were all amicable and open to speaking to all of us.

Overall, the Teen Vogue Summit was an amazing opportunity to meet more of my Seed Sisters and be more connected with the media community. Los Angeles is an entertainment powerhouse. This experience allowed me to network with media moguls. The most underrated part of the summit was the resume review by the RISE Foundation. As a young scholar it was nice having professionals review my resume and give me tips and tricks.

All in all, I look forward to more events Seeds of Fortune invites us to and I look forward to collaborating and meeting more of my Seed Sisters.

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