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11 Ways to Make money during the pandemic

Updated: Mar 15, 2023

As a nation, we are going through a period of financial uncertainty. Throughout the country individuals are concerned about their financial futures and the state of the economy. Despite those provisions there is still a variety of business ventures that young adults can indulge in to create different revenue streams for themselves.

Some options include but are not limited to:

1. Create a fashion Line specializing in protective wear 

A lot of businesses are making money by creating gear for the everyday person to use. Public safety officials have requested that we leave the medical supplies for the essential workers. But where does that leave us regular people? It’s important to note that at one point or another individuals are going to be subjected to going outdoors and when they do it’s important for them to be protected. By creating masks or stylish gloves for them to wear you are helping solve the need. You can purchase materials on Amazon and get them shipped directly to your door. Individuals can retail their gear at about $5 a pop and market using their social media platforms. 

2. Earn Money with Surveys 

Survey Junkie is allowing individuals to accrue money by filling out and completing surveys. The steps to setting up an account are simple. Did I mention that all you need is a PayPal account. Upon taking the survey the participant will be awarded small amounts of money to their PayPal account. Not only is it simplistic and secured but you are paid instantaneously. 

3. Deliver Postmates, DoorDash, Ubereats, Grubhub

During this time many businesses are engaging in delivery options to keep customers from going outside and entering into their restaurants. To ensure the success of these practices these businesses are in desperate need of workers to distribute the food. Postmates is actively hiring individuals to work for their company and deliver items to customers. With Postmates you are able to have a flexible schedule and take on a self directed approach. To sign up all you need to do is create an account and wait for Postmates to send you a custom business card to use for the items you’re picking up and to show to the service  providers. DoorDash, Ubereats and Grubhub all work in a similar fashion. Create an account and get on your way.It’s really just that simple! 

4. Become an Uber or Lyft Driver

Living in the city that does not sleep can be hard. Especially during these times where everyone is cooped up inside. Although some people are stuck inside the essential workers still have to go outside. Not everyone has the luxury of driving which is where taxi services come into play. You may want to sign up to drive for Uber. To activate your account you need your car information including your registration, license plate certification and your Driver’s License. It takes about 5-7 business days for a driver to get certified and then you are ready to hit the road. Why wait? Start your journey today to make more income during this time. 

5. Have a skill or know a trade? You can use it 

During this time it is important to realize that we are our own revenue streams. Many of us have gifts and talents that we take for granted. Lucky for us, this pandemic is the perfect time to tap into these skills. Whether it’s artistry, musical composition, or graphic design now is the time to get creative because the sky's the limit. Additionally, If you are skilled in a trade like wielding, painting, or plumbing HomeAdvisor can help you create a business platform for yourself. It’s time to start distributing your business cards and utilizing your social media platforms to get the word out about your brand. Fiverr is also a useful app to use to help create freelance employment. You can place your business needs on here in the hopes of getting a correspondence. 

6. Start a Food or Grocery delivery service 

Are you good at cooking? Did you go to school for culinary arts? If the answer to that is YES, then this message is for you. You can cook meals for families and charge those individuals a fee for delivering the items. Do you mind going outside to the grocery store? If not, you may want to start a delivery service where people give you a list of the items that they need and you get them for a fee. You can start by offering these services to friends and family then when you become more comfortable you can offer the services to your neighbors. To begin, make a list of prospective customers and then connect with those individuals letting them know the services you are providing. Lastly, download the Appointfix app in the Google play store or in the Apple store to start scheduling your appointments. This app will remind you of your upcoming bookings and any other notes that you need to be aware of. 

7. Sell Goods on Ebay, ThredUp, Real Real 

Got any old textbooks that you don’t use that are still in good condition? Maybe you have some old clothes that someone else may benefit from? Or a pair of designer shoes that you can’t fit anymore? Instead of throwing them away you can give those old clothes new value. People are always searching for things to buy on eBay especially during this time where people can’t go outside. It is time to capitalize on that and turn it into a side hustle. You can make decent amounts of money selling your clothes depending on the wear and tear of your items. What are you waiting for? Get going. All you need is a camera and a price point. Take a photo of your item and then give it a price. eBay will notify you when someone is interested in your item and is ready for it to be shipped. 

8. Become a dog walker for essential workers

Many sites provide jobs for tasks that need to be completed. A popular site known as Taskrabbit connects people to particular jobs. A popular job in particular is that of a dog walker. Although many people are inside, essential workers are not afforded that luxury. Having to devote 15-20 hours a day to tending to their patients or their regular jobs they don’t have the time to cater to their pets. Since essential workers are unable to be home all the time they require some assistance. Taskrabbit is a site that allows individuals the opportunity to provide them with that assistance. Taskrabbit allows people to sign up to perform these tasks for a certain number of hours and get compensated for it. 

9. Start a beauty service


During this time many women are yearning to get some TLC. As a result of many beauty bars being temporarily closed many women are missing out on their pampering. Interestingly, just because the shops are closed down doesn’t mean we can’t bring those amenities to people directly. Talented nail technicians make up artists or beauticians can use different sites to allow women to book them and receive the full spa treatment. Some sites such as and Calendly are good mediums to use to get customers to book you and schedule appointments. This will allow you to block out time to tend to your clients and visit them. In your prices you can incorporate costs for travel and safety measures. This will add money into your pocket and will help another woman feel beautiful again. 

10. Become a virtual assistant


There are many jobs that require some sort of virtual assistance. Because no man is an island it is no secret that we all need help getting our work done. Specific organizations are offering virtual positions that employees can pursue remotely. In these positions employees are given specific activities and expected to complete them. Employees are provided with virtual training and are expected to attend virtual webinars. Employees are paid according to productivity and the results they produce. The website to use to become a virtual trainer is The Virtual Savvy. On average virtual assistants make about $500 a month. For additional training anyone who is interested may also take the Horkey Handbook training or look into websites on virtual assistants. 

11. VIP Kid Tutoring 

Many children are out of school and are struggling with their homework. For the parents who are not as equipped at home schooling college students or other educational professionals may offer virtual tutoring. These practices can assist students who are struggling with their homework and projects by steering them towards completion. These volunteers can set up a PayPal or CashApp account and receive payment directly through their account. These activities can take place through Zoom which allows users a free 40 minute window to exercise whatever activities they want. This will allow students to get the help they need in a timely manner.

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