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Women of Color Creating Wealth Honorees: Where are they now?

The Women of Color Creating Wealth: Seed to Bloom Awards celebrates extraordinary women in the community who are inspiring the next generation of women in finance, entrepreneurship, and community activism via our HerWallStreet Award, Women of the Year Award, Community Award and Entrepreneur of the Year Award. Since 2016, we have been celebrating amazing women in the community and corporate America via our Women of Color Creating Wealth Awards, we are excited to highlight where they are now on this International Women's Day.

The Women of Color Creating Wealth Awards and Summit is a financial empowerment event dedicated to helping our members Gen Z young women of color: Ages 15-22 learn how to manage their personal finances and prepare for their financial futures through career and education opportunities hosted by Seeds of Fortune Inc. We are a non-profit that seeks to increase the financial security in minority communities by providing a tech enabled experience that supply's strategic college and career tools, as well as personal financial management techniques for young women of color.

We will be announcing our 2024 Nominees on Monday March 18. 2024.

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