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What Does it Mean to Become A Seed Donor?

Updated: Jan 24, 2021

Our Mission

Seeds of Fortune Inc. Scholars programs seek to financially empower young women of color by helping them apply for college scholarships, as well as teach career, educational, and financial management skills.

Our Offered Programs

  • Seeds Scholars High School Program: Launched in 2014, we serve young women in finding in understanding and handling financial, educational, and career matters.

  • Seed University: Launched in 2016, we grant our High School Seed Alumni the opportunity to maintain valuable skills in career and financial skills until they graduate from college.

  • Seed Online High School College Prep Network: Launched in 2020, we have 450+ young women across the country in the monetary and college process online.

Being A Seed Investor

A Seed Investor is someone who is compassionate about giving opportunities to young women, who, as a result, will construct a career path, gain access to higher education, and assemble her financial acumen. All this can occur through individuals who are dedicated to investing in these young women and are looking to witness this rise in them. Donors have the ability to contribute to the programs listed above.

Our Seed Investors for 2021

We’d like to thank these successful and established individuals for giving back to their community by establishing opportunities for our colored women. By investing, they have become a part of SeedsOfFortune inc, and a part of the journeys of our scholars.

Bernadette Mitchell

Individual Contributor

Institutional Sales Support Coordinator at Capital Group | American Funds

Maynell Akinfe

Individual Contributor


Nogie Udevbulu

Angel Donor

Bank of America

Jessica Reid-Adam

Angel Donor

Mount Sinai Health System

Swapna Reddy

Angel Donor

Asylum Seeker Advocacy Project (ASAP)

Nicole Perry

Angel Donor

Deputy Commissioner for the Office of Financial Empowerment

Julian Addy

Growth Donor

Julian Addy Realtor with Boston Trust Realty Group

Renata Cardenas

Individual Contributor

Director of Operations Fellow

Karen Boykin Towns

Angel Donor


Laci Chilsom

Individual Contributor

Fit for Life

Jennfier Kusa

Growth Donor

Director at New York Life Investments

Chantel George

Angel Donor


Elissa Ellis Sangster

Growth Donor

CEO, Forté,

Chris Sarro

Individual Contributor

VP, Sales, Affective Markets

David Thomas

Individual Contributor

BMO Capital Markets

Stephen Deets

Individual Contributor

Babson College

Kerry Krystal Stark

Angel Donor

Kwanzaa Crawl

Kevin Bruyneel

Individual Contributor

Babson College

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