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Summer 2017 Internships - Learn how to get your "Seat at the Table"

Updated: Jul 28, 2020

Last Month, the Seed University Scholars hosted our first Networking event - "A Seat at the Table" at the EILEEN FISHER Creative Center in honor of Solange's Fall 2016 Album. The event was focused on helping minority young women navigate the difficulties of obtaining a summer internship and standing out among the applicant pool. 

We were able to connect with undergraduates across New York City and learn from industry pros from EILEEN FISHER, Bloomberg News LP, Essence Magazine, Viacom, and Mt. Sinan Hospital as we launched into our spring semester internship search.

Our 4 takeaways from the event were: 

1. Research: it is important to complete a deep dive into the companies you would like to work for, this includes looking up the latest press published on them, reviewing the company website,  adding recruiters on LinkedIn, and connecting with peers that might have worked at your dream company.  

2. Create a brand: as an intern you want to remain top of mind to your employer after you leave your internships in order to connect for opportunities upon graduation. You want to make sure that you bring your authentic self to the table and create value for your internship provider. Lastly, make connections outside of your immediate department so you can expand her network. 

3. Study Abroad: employers are looking for college students that can bring a different perspective into the workplace. Traveling helps you to expand your viewpoint and provides the opportunity to understand a different cultures.

4. Understand Your Boundaries: even if you know how to complete a task and want to take initiative, it is important to understand company culture and receive buy-in from your boss.

Good luck with your internship search and we would like to say thank you to our event sponsors the EILEEN FISHER Foundation and 

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