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Spring Break 2017 - $25 & Under Bathing Suit - Every Colored Girl Should Own

Spring Break 2017 is here and it is our responsibility at Seeds of Fortune to give you the top 5 Instagram boutiques that will keep you slaying from SXSW to the beaches of Puerto Rico for $25 & Under. 

Shop Icon Boutique is for the Around the way Black and Latina college girl that is Crazy, Sexy, Cool but working on a tight budget. Their bathing suits can fit a size 0-16 and is made for every woman. Shop Icon Boutique will run you on average $25.

Shop Siana is for the Bad and Bougie College Girl that keeps her purse strings tight, almost every bathing suit cost $30-$25. 

Shop Fly Nation Fly is for all the college girls that have a champagne taste but a beer budget. Shop Fly Nation will run you between $35-$16. 

Donslaya is for the college girl that is Kerry Washington on vacation. She is for the girl that is catching flights not feelings - Ambitious with a fun side. Donslaya on average will run about $25.

Mint Swim by Draya is for all the college girls that are just straight up Bougie. To afford this swim wear you are going to have to hustle at least 3 campus jobs. This bathing suit will run between $30-$76.

Stay happy and wealthy!

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