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Spring Break 2017 - $25 & Under Bathing Suit - Every Colored Girl Should Own

Spring Break 2017 is here and it is our responsibility at Seeds of Fortune to give you the top 5 Instagram boutiques that will keep you slaying from SXSW to the beaches of Puerto Rico for $25 & Under. 

1. Shop Icon Boutique

Shop Icon Boutique is for the Around the way Black and Latina college girl that is Crazy, Sexy, Cool but working on a tight budget. Their bathing suits can fit a size 0-16 and is made for every woman. Shop Icon Boutique will run you on average $25.

2. Shop Sianna

Shop Siana is for the Bad and Bougie College Girl that keeps her purse strings tight, almost every bathing suit cost $30-$25. 

3. Shop Fly Nation

Shop Fly Nation Fly is for all the college girls that have a champagne taste but a beer budget. Shop Fly Nation will run you between $35-$16. 

4. Don Slaya

Donslaya is for the college girl that is Kerry Washington on vacation. She is for the girl that is catching flights not feelings - Ambitious with a fun side. Donslaya on average will run about $25.

5. Mint Swim

Mint Swim by Draya is for all the college girls that are just straight up Bougie. To afford this swim wear you are going to have to hustle at least 3 campus jobs. This bathing suit will run between $30-$76.

Stay happy and wealthy!

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