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With The Support Of PayPal, TD Bank, and Yale Women in Economics

Updated: Jan 26, 2021


Contact: Raven Robinson

Phone Number: 646-548-5743


With The Support Of PayPal, TD Bank, and Yale Women in Economics Seeds of Fortune Has Expanded Their Financial and College Affordability Programs to Support Students Of Color

New York, NY January 26, 2020 - Applying to higher education is already an overwhelming experience for youth in urban communities. Seeds of Fortune prides itself in being a continued resource to support families and students in affording college.

Covid-19 has affected the way college bound high school seniors prepare to gain access to training and information. Seeds of Fortune, a NYC based scholarship and EdTech platform with national reach, is proud to financially empower young women of color by helping them apply for college scholarships and grants, as well as teach financial literacy.

Seeds of Fortune has worked relentlessly to be able to alleviate concerns during these challenging times by providing resources including: financial education, FAFSA preparation, connections to top colleges and universities, enriching curriculum that aims to prepare students for future professional opportunities with a network of supportive women they can turn to. Partnering with the Yale Women in Economics for our 2021 Scholars program, we are able to have a wider reach in empowering the next cohort of young professional women of color by providing a 12 Day Summer College Prep Boot Camp and Project mentored by Yale undergraduate students and guest professors.

As an organization that aims to empower and uplift women, founder Nitiya Walker says, “I recognize that women of color do not have access and are often unable to pursue their dreams when limitations are beyond their control. The work we conduct, not only supports monetary goals but also seeks to dismantle the systems that have disenfranchised communities of color, especially the Black community for way too long. With securing 8 million dollars in scholarships and grants for our Seed Scholars, we look forward to expanding that reach with this next cohort".

Applicants will also be provided membership into the Seeds of Fortune Inc. Online College Prep EdTech platform, the 1st online college prep platform exclusively for Young Women of Color to help them make the best financial decisions starting with college, which is currently sponsored by TD Charitable Foundation, New York Citizens Committee, and PayPal’s GIVE Grant.

High school students are encouraged to sign up by the January 29, 2021 deadline. Interested participants can visit for details.

Seeds of Fortune Inc.

Seeds of Fortune Inc. is a scholars program creating the next generation of financially empowered young women of color by helping them apply for college scholarships, as well as teaching career and financial management skills.

Yale Women in Economics

Women in Economics (WiE) organization is to support women, non-binary, and underrepresented minority students pursuing a degree in economics and to introduce more undergraduates to the field. To do so, we showcase the wide variety of fields and opportunities in economics; bring together undergraduates, graduate students, and faculty; and host events that celebrate the achievements of women in the discipline.

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