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Seeds of Fortune Inc. Empowers Young Girls of Color Globally with Expansion to Ghana

Nonprofit organization's international expansion brings its mission of female empowerment and academic advancement to Ghana

New York, New York - Seeds of Fortune, a nonprofit organization dedicated to financially empowering young women of color and helping them secure scholarships for college, has announced its exciting expansion to Ghana.

“We are thrilled to broaden our reach and introduce Seeds of Fortune to Ghana," said Nitiya Walker, Founder and Executive Director of Seeds of Fortune. "This global expansion will allow us to reach even more young girls and provide essential support as they transition from highschool to college.”

Since 2014, Seeds of Fortune’s commitment to financial empowerment and scholarship assistance has been instrumental in supporting young women of color in their pursuit of higher education. By expanding its operations to Ghana, the organization will empower young women in a new and vibrant cultural context. The organization will extend its programs and resources to provide financial literacy, mentorship, and educational resources to help program members thrive academically, personally, and professionally.

This expansion will also open the door for collaboration with local organizations such as GapBuster Ghana, enabling Seeds of Fortune to create a robust network that will help young women in Ghana overcome systemic barriers that exist and bridge the financial gap in furthering their education. Additionally, the organization has kicked off its global expansion with the Girls Startup Business Plan Competition, spearheaded by Lady Juliet Nyarko Adansi. The competition aims to foster entrepreneurship among young women while providing them with the tools and resources needed to succeed in the global business landscape.

50 students across Ghana completed Seeds of Fortune Inc. Girls Start Up entrepreneurship curriculum and participated in a week long bootcamp to develop entrepreneurial and digital literacy skillsets - including: Email Account Creation, Digital Search Skills, Navigation, Critical Thinking, No Code Web Development . 21 Students entered our Global Girls Startup Business competition to develop social impact ideas and business websites to represent their businesses.

While the expansion to Ghana marks an important milestone for the organization, this is just the beginning of its global journey.

For more information on Seeds of Fortune or Girls Startup Business Plan Competition here or donate for our December 2023 Camp visit here.

About Seeds of Fortune

Seeds of Fortune is a nonprofit organization dedicated to financially empowering young women of color and assisting them in securing scholarships for college. Through mentorship, educational support, and financial literacy programs, Seeds of Fortune aims to bridge the gap and create opportunities for young women to thrive academically, personally, and professionally.


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