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Seeds of Fortune Inc. Economics Teaching Fellow in Partnership with the Urban Institute - Yale University Undergraduate Economics Major Khulan Erdenedalai

We are thrilled to announce an exciting new partnership between Seeds of Fortune Inc., the Economics Teaching Fellowship, and the Urban Institute, with the support of Yale Women in Economics. This collaboration aims to create a unique and impactful summer internship experience that bridges academic learning, practical work experience, and mentorship for the next generation of young women scholars. The program seeks to provide:

  • Competitive Internship Opportunity: A Yale University student is selected for a prestigious and competitive internship with the Urban Institute, one of the leading think tanks dedicated to economic and social policy research.

  • Mentorship: During the internship, the Yale student will mentor high school scholars from Seeds of Fortune Inc., providing guidance, support, and inspiration to young women exploring careers in economics and finance.

2024 Economics Teaching Fellow

Khulan Erdenedalai

Khulan Erdenedalai is a rising fourth-year undergraduate at Yale University from the Washington D.C. area, pursuing a double major in Economics and Urban Studies. She is passionate about the convergence of renewable energy, global politics, and urban development, and is eager to explore these topics through an economic lens using both qualitative and quantitative data analysis techniques. This interest was sparked during her childhood in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, where she observed significant climate change issues and urban infrastructure challenges, contrasting sharply with economic development in the United States. Khulan has experience conducting research in economic policy, voter behavior, and data analysis for institutions such as the University of Oxford, Yale School of Management, Virginia Tech University, and PBS NewsHour. She is looking forward to her upcoming role in the Education Data and Policy sector at the Urban Institute this summer.

About Seeds of Fortune Inc.

Seeds of Fortune Inc. is a nonprofit organization that equips young women of color with the skills and knowledge needed to attain financial literacy, secure scholarships, and succeed in higher education. Through comprehensive programs, Seeds of Fortune Inc. fosters the next generation of financially empowered and academically successful women.

About the Urban Institute

The Urban Institute is a leading policy research organization that provides data and analysis to inform public policy and address social and economic issues. Through rigorous research, the Urban Institute seeks to improve the well-being of people and communities.

About Yale Women in Economics

Yale Women in Economics is an organization that supports female students pursuing economics at Yale University. It aims to create a supportive community, offer professional development opportunities, and promote diversity and inclusion within the field of economics.

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