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Scholarships June 2021

Here are a few scholarships and tips to continue earning scholarships throughout your college years!

  • Go to your school's financial aid office to inquire about other internal opportunities.

  • Join Honors Programs (once eligible) to have access to even more scholarships.

  • SUNY Scholarships HERE

  • Review Sororities Sites: Often provide opportunities for members and non-members

  • JLV College Counseling- Lists of scholarships HERE

  • The 2021 There's A Space for Everyone Scholarship HERE

    • Award: $2,500

    • Due: June 15, 2021

  • Future Educators Scholarship HERE

    • Award: $1,000

    • Due: 08/19/2021

  • AED Superstore College Scholarship HERE

    • Award: $1,000

    • Due: June 31, 2021

  • Click here for many more scholarships with June deadlines

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