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Scholarships 101: Back to the Basics

Updated: Aug 19, 2021

College is an expensive investment and it does not pay for itself. One of the best ways to help pay for college is by applying to scholarships. Here are a few tips and tools to help you successfully apply to and and earn scholarships throughout your college years!

Tips & Tools:

Where to find scholarships?

  1. Go to your school's financial aid office to inquire about other internal opportunities.

  2. Join Honors Programs (once eligible) to have access to even more scholarships.

  3. Review Sororities Sites (provide opportunities for members and non-members)

  4. Sign up for scholarship websites and newsletters.

  5. Your Linked-In community.

  6. This Seeds of Fortune Newsletter! (scroll down for opportunities)


  1. Set goals and be organized when applying.

    1. Click here for a template to stay organized.

  2. Write a great personal statement.

    1. Here are some examples from a previous scholar

  3. Have at least one other person proof read your statement

  4. Ask for recommendations early !

    1. Don't know how ? Click here for a how to

Apply it !

  1. Now that you have tools below are some scholarships you can apply to!


Monthly Scholarships:

  • Future Educators Scholarship HERE

    • Award: $1,000

    • Due: 08/19/2021

  • Atlas Shrugged Essay Contest HERE

    • Award: $10,000

    • Due: 09/27/2021

  • Click here for many more scholarships with August deadlines

Other Scholarships

  • Wise Words Scholarship HERE

    • Award: $1,000

    • Due: 08/31/2021

  • Education Matter Scholarship HERE

    • Award: $15,000

    • Due: 09/07/2021

Go-To Scholarship Websites & Lists:

Good luck applying !

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