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Networking 101: Make Those Connections

Updated: Sep 23, 2021

Last month we discussed resume maintenance, and now we are moving on to networking. Below you will also find the Career Resources toolbox and upcoming opportunities.



Interacting with others who have similar interests or career goals to develop professional contacts.


  • You create a community of long-lasting, mutually beneficial relationships

  • Access to new opportunities

  • Able to exchange ideas

  • Mentorships


  • Connect with your professors and peers

  • Tap into your school's alumni network

  • Tap into your school's career resource office

  • Professional conferences (a conference opportunity is listed below)

  • Professional social media such as LinkedIn

Where to start:

Do not forget your classmates, peers, friends, and family are great starting points when building your network!

Note: It may seem scary reaching out to people and making these connections, but you are more than capable.