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Why Janelle Bigio Chose Babson College?

Updated: Jan 11

College/University: Babson College

Major: Finance

Year: 2025

1. What led to your decision to attend a college that focuses on entrepreneurial education?

As a student and daughter with an important role in my family, financial independence is one of my top priorities and I think an entrepreneurial education is a great first step to achieve this.

2. Can you describe what kind of support/communities exist for minority students at Babson?

Other than the inclusive atmosphere here at Babson, there is a support club for everyone from first-generation to Latinx students and a wide range of counseling support for all students. Additionally, there is a club on campus, dedicated to providing an unforgettable on-campus experience for all students with fun activities and events on-campus, ensuring students from all backgrounds can bond.

3. In what ways can a student of Color find her niche at Babson? Feel supported?

A student of color should join at least two clubs, one for a stronger sense of community and another stemmed from specific interests to engage as well as meet with advisors to communicate interests and desires, granted they are participating in campus activities, connecting with faculty, and exploring the different spaces provided on campus for such ventures (self-exploration).

4. What advice do you have for Juniors and Seniors in high school who want to attend Babson and…

a. … are from a big city and curious about living in the smaller town of Wellesley?

Coming from New York and arriving to the smaller town of Wellesley myself, you will definitely come to observe the distinguishing factors of a city and a small town but I would say the prime components to settle the change is to stay active within the community through the people and the setting. I have come to love the beautiful nature on my walks and the essence of a peaceful neighborhood despite missing my neighborhood back at home and meet people from different walks of life everyday.

b. …are worried about the cost of attending a private university?