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Keep Applying!

Updated: Sep 23, 2021

With the scholarship tools provided last month, I hope you all have been applying for scholarships. Remember, college does not pay for itself. This month, we want to remind you to keep applying no matter the outcome of a previous application. You will not win every scholarship- but you must reflect and keep applying.


How to reflect?

Re-read your application now that the stress of submitting it is over.

Ask yourself:

  1. Did you answer the essay prompt fully?

  2. Did you get all materials in ? If not, what was missing?

  3. Was this my best work? If not, what can I improve?

*If you submit your best work, acknowledge your hard work and apply for more scholarships. The reality is, you will not win every scholarship you apply to, even if your application is spectacular.


  • Atlas Shrugged Essay Contest HERE

    • Award: $10,000

    • Due: 09/27/2021

  • Wise Words Scholarship HERE

    • Award: $1,000

    • Due: 09/30/2021

  • Click here for many more upcoming scholarship deadlines

Go-To Scholarship Websites & Lists:

Scholarship Toolbox:

  1. Click here for a template to stay organized and track which scholarships you have applied to.

  2. Click here are some personal statement examples from a previous scholar

  3. Click here for a template on how to ask for recommendations

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