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Grant Cardone Foundation Hosts Girls Start Up Finalist Round

Updated: Jan 24

Society, colleges, universities, and employers are looking for leaders and entrepreneurs with bright new ideas to change the world. At Seeds of Fortune Inc. we consider our students the next generation of leaders, therefore we partnered with the Grant Cardone Foundation to provide our young women with seed money to fuel their dream ventures.

20 Semi-Finalist from our Girl Start Up Scholars nationwide program were selected by BMO Capital Markets team out of 75 participants to travel to Miami to visit the Grant Cardone Foundation Headquarters. Students were provided the opportunity to learn about their business operations units, as well as hear feedback from key members of the Foundation team to prepare for their pitch-off.

Students were able to celebrate their practice pitch with a pool party at the commencement of the company tour.

On July 26, 2023 10 Seeds of Fortune Inc. Girls Start Up Finalists were able to pitch their business ideas for $18K in cash prizes to Grant Cardone and Grant Cardone employees.

  1. Sarai Morales: Fiery

  2. Yves-Shella Daelle Feron: Li Bon

  3. Veronica Njuguna: Bangled Bewear

  4. Riva Babaria: Read the Room

  5. Aminata Soumare: EcoLux & Beauty

  6. Ariel Mitchell: Curlphase

  7. Ayushi Das: Eco Oasis

  8. Sandra Labriel: Inclusive Med

  9. Su-Nanda: Flora Beauty

  10. Nabou Thiam: Sunu Body

Three finalist were selected by Grant Cardone employees for grand prizes of $10,000, $5,000, and $3,000 to use toward their educational expenses or to grow their ventures:

  1. Ayushi Das: Eco Oasis

  2. Nabou Thiam: Sunu Body

  3. Riva Babaria: Read the Room

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