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Girl Up Career Interview: Shanel Griffith by Iasia Henderson

I interviewed Shanel Griffith, a guest of Seeds of Fortune Boot Camp. She works in the media business for NBS. In a group, questions were asked and she answered them. Here’s the interview:

What do you like about your job?

I like that I get to contribute to the news. I like that I get to show black and brown people in a good light in the media.

Where did you go to college and what did you major?

I went to Fordham University. I wanted to become an actress, so I knew my school had to have a theater program in it. So, I majored in film and TV and minored in African American studies.

What were classes like in your major?

I had to do lots of reading and I even had to watch TV and study it. Also, I wrote a lot of essays.

What skills have you found to be vital to your job?

I found that listening and taking feedback well are vital skills for me.

What is your favorite part of your career?

I get to be more empathetic and filter through fake news.

Was there a setback you faced which you later realized was an advantage?

I had many internships before graduating from college. I thought I was going to have a job when I finished, but I didn’t. I thought I was a failure, but it was a blessing in disguise. I found myself and figured that media is what I wanted to do.

What were your previous jobs?

I worked at the Bronx Zoo and retail stores like Nike. I didn’t really care for retail.

What was the worst internship you had?

When I was at Bronxnet internship, I realized I didn’t enjoy being a reporter. I didn’t like carrying a camera around and being in front of it. I like being behind the scenes.

As we got ready to go back to the main session, her parting comment was to always be friendly. Shanel Griffith was really nice and friendly. I am really glad I got to meet her and learn about her and her career.

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