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Girl Up Career Interview: Emily Kaufman & Gaiana Joseph by Astaysha Harris

Tell us about how and why you entered your career? Gaiana: When to Smith College and Fordham University. She worked at many different organization like (Black women Health Empowerment Program). She found her interest in technology which help to lead her to find her career in financial technology and project management.

Emily: She current works at NBC. In college, she first majored in pre-law because of what people told her about begin well in a debate. She went to NYU. She later when into television where she found her interest. She interned at many TV stations Like CBS, HBO and etc.

What is your favourite part of your career (current or past)?

Emily: Her favourite part about her job is beginning able

to travel around the world without the expense. ii. ​Gaiana​- Her favourite part about it is the sensitive data that she gets to see every day by looking at money and learning different things.

Was there a career setback you faced which you later realized was an advantage?

Gaiana: She was going to get a promotion but not a raise which led her to try and find a new job that had both benefits.

Emily​: She realizes that one company wasn’t good for you and then realizing that letting your boss know that you wanted to leave before taking another job. Also, communicating with other coworkers and getting what she wanted out of her job.

What is some advice you would offer to someone who is interested in your work?

Networking is Important in any job.

What should they major in?

Emily: Talented Relations

What classes should they take?

Emily: Anything in Television

Book they should read

Emily: Talking to Strangers

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