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Girl Up Career Interview: Adwoa Ayesu by Ally Bueno & Alexis Colliar

An Alum from Stony Brook University, Seed Coach Adwoa Ayesu allowed us the honor to interview her. We asked questions about what it’s like in her field of work and here is a Q&A with some insight for anyone interested in the amazing career of Social Marketing!

Tell us about how and why you entered your career?

She told us that she has always liked social media, so she decided to take a step into doing remote internships. She realized that it was a rewarding job, that you could successfully make a living off of. She further explained that there are so many different aspects of social marketing for example; social marketing managing and digital marketing.

What skills have you found vital to your job?

Ms. Ayesu informed us that time management skills are necessary to make schedules for social content to be posted and the ability to analyze the reach and engagement of social audiences. It was also mentioned that she is still advancing her skill set to further understand the analytics of paid ads.

What is your favorite part about your career?

“It’s pandemic proof” which was a new catchy phrase Ms. Ayesu used to express the flexibility of her career. Explaining how the pandemic has affected her career she noted, it has benefited her online work by promoting more virtual events. The flexibility of her career is her favorite aspect because it allows her to work from home, but also travel while working.

Was there a career setback you faced which you later realized was an advantage?

Fresh out of college, Ms. Ayesu revealed that it truly wasn’t as simple to get a job right away. She mentioned that this pushed her to take on more internships and do more research to find the best fit for her. This later became an advantage because instead of continuing to push down a path that wasn’t the best for her, she found what she was truly passionate about.

What is some advice you would offer someone that is interested in your work? (What should they major in? What classes? Books they should read?)

It was said that social marketing is a fairly new field, anyone who would like to work in it should major in communication, media, and/or marketing. Another way to learn that many people have access to is through YouTube. But it was also stressed that having experience is truly important, so remote internships are something everyone should look into. Lastly, Ms. Ayesu gave the following advice: you’ll excel in any career if you already do something related to it for fun because you have a natural passion and drive for it.

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