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Budgeting: Preparing for a New Semester

It's August, that means we are all heading back to school, rather is be virtual or in-person. That also means your amazon prime is back up and running for room decor, textbooks, and other necessities. Then right after back-to-school season is the holiday season.. So in order to avoid becoming # BrokeCollegeStudents.. it's time to budget.

Budgeting 101

Where to start?

  1. Think of your income

    1. Work Study?

    2. Scholarship?

  2. Set goals for your money and make your budget plan (be intentional with your money goals)

    1. i.e: The 50/30/20 rule which you can read more about here

    2. Remember: you should always have at least $500 in your savings

  3. Stay on track with your budget

    1. Need help doing this ? Try the digit app

More Budgeting Help?'

  • Click here for help

Other Financial Resources

Looking for more financial resources here are some site you can use:

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