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Fidelity's Five Money Musts Game - Helps Seeds of Fortune Scholars learn Financial Decision Making

Fidelity Investments and Seeds of Fortune Inc. partnered to provide Gen Z young women of color the opportunity to learn about money management, savings, and investment goals at Seeds of Fortune Inc. 2023 Women of Color Creating Wealth Summit.

Each year, Fidelity Employees volunteer to execute Fidelity's Five Money Musts Game to teach Students about managing money in the real world. In this game Fidelity Volunteers Whitney Kocher and Vijay Anand Mulamalla provided students the opportunity to make financial decisions, earn points in five categories — Budgeting, Retirement, Investing, Credit, and Debt.

Over 130+ students acted as fictitious college grads as they encountered real life financial decisions that young professionals encounter when managing finances in their early careers. Student's navigated Health Insurance, 401K, and salary options to make the best decisions for their financial futures.

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