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2020 Seed to Bloom Award Nominees

Updated: Jul 30, 2020

Every year spectacular women across the Tri-state area are chosen by Seeds of Fortune Inc. for their extraordinary work in their community, their commitment to change and their ability to revolutionize. The awards range from Entrepreneur of the Year award, HerWallStreet award, Woman of the Year award to the Educator Community Award. Meet some of our nominees below: 

Sharifa Murdock

is a 2020 nominee and the Co-founder of Envsn festival. As a fashion trailblazer and startup guru of Liberty Fairs, Capsule and Cabana - She dedicates her time to empowering youth and inspiring them. Sharifa decided to start ENVSN Festival, an interactive networking event to bring together women in various industries as well as provide them a safe space to collaborate and motivate each other. 


Laura Stylez

also a Co-founder of Envsn Festival and Hot 97 host, inspires Gen Z and Millennial young women through the execution of the multi-dimensional community created within the Envsn Festival, committed to their professional and self-development. Particularly, it focuses on cultivating a platform where young women can grow and develop into t