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2020 Seed to Bloom Award Nominees

Updated: Jul 30, 2020

Every year spectacular women across the Tri-state area are chosen by Seeds of Fortune Inc. for their extraordinary work in their community, their commitment to change and their ability to revolutionize. The awards range from Entrepreneur of the Year award, HerWallStreet award, Woman of the Year award to the Educator Community Award. Meet some of our nominees below: 

Sharifa Murdock

is a 2020 nominee and the Co-founder of Envsn festival. As a fashion trailblazer and startup guru of Liberty Fairs, Capsule and Cabana - She dedicates her time to empowering youth and inspiring them. Sharifa decided to start ENVSN Festival, an interactive networking event to bring together women in various industries as well as provide them a safe space to collaborate and motivate each other. 


Laura Stylez

also a Co-founder of Envsn Festival and Hot 97 host, inspires Gen Z and Millennial young women through the execution of the multi-dimensional community created within the Envsn Festival, committed to their professional and self-development. Particularly, it focuses on cultivating a platform where young women can grow and develop into the best versions of themselves. 


Valeisha Butterfield Jones

was nominated as the Founder of WEEN Academy. Valeisha was nominated by Adwoa Ayesu a prior participant in WEEN Academy. She was heavily impacted by the work Valeisha completed while in her leadership role at her academy. She is described by Adwoa as being resilient, transparent, and kind. Subsequently, Valeisha is mostly known for the ways in which she takes a hands on approach in the business realm. Adwoa describes her encounter with Valeisha by stating the following: “While waiting in the hallway for my last interview for the program she came out and spoke to me. Valeisha said, "You got this, you have a real purpose and you should go in there and be confident". This excerpt explains just how extraordinary Valeisha is and shows that she will stop at nothing to make sure that she is lifting up another woman's tilted tiara. Valeisha is being honored for her valor, dedication, bravery, and generosity. 


Brittany Richards

was nominated by Shaneka Gregory and Janelle Allen. Her network refers to her as someone who is motivated, caring, and accomplished. Her colleagues would identify her as a woman who always represents and protects the under dog. It is no secret that Brittany can be described as a woman who constantly puts her words into actions. In her spare time she advocates for her community and acts as an activist. According to Shaneka, “She is currently teaching undergraduate nursing students, an active board member of the Greater New York City Black Nurses Association, involved politically and participates in voluntary health events to improve the lives of the community.” One of the most memorable conversations her associate Janelle recollected of her was in reference to a time Brittany helped her with her indecisiveness about college. Janelle states, “I was content with being a Registered Nurse in L&D, but at times we would share how disheartening it would be especially when we lost our patients who were of color in particular. I remember Brittany telling me that by becoming an Advance Provider (Nurse Practitioner) that we could advocate more for our patients and how much of an impact it would make if we changed the narrative around Black & Brown patients dying from providers not listening to their concerns by becoming the providers that they need and will trust.” 


Cloyette Harris-Stoute

was nominated due to her character as informative, uplifting and encouraging. She was defined  as being a visionary, a true leader, and someone who stands by her passion for her brand. Cloyette is the founder of a non profit organization called Guyanese Girls Rock which is an organization that focuses on empowering and supporting guyanese women as they navigate their way through modern day America. Cloyette spends her time motivating other individuals explaining why she deserves this outstanding award.


Dr. Monalisa Ferrari 

was nominated for her tireless dedication to helping her students.  As a representative for a diversity of programs she makes her presence known and unforgettable in each of them. She is a coordinator at the Department of Education. She devotes her time into creating projects that will educate and influence students. It is no secret that Dr. Ferrari is passionate about knowledge and motivated to helping her students achieve an insurmountable amount of knowledge.


Kiola Goerge

who works in the Media industry as a Product Director and Producer. Fabiola defines this woman as being the G.O.A.T. and being the “plug” in her attempts to create different networking opportunities. Her counterparts would describe her as being a connector and a person who acts as a link between individuals and opportunities. 


Latonia Mckinney

was referred to as ‘Boss Lady’ in her nomination letter and encouraged women to tap into her inner boss as they attempt to acquire higher promotions. She is viewed by her friends and family as being someone who always conducts herself in a professional manner. She inspires others to go the extra mile and pushes them to see their full potential. According to nominee Shadawn, she also gives superb advice.


Nogie Udevbulu

was nominated by Simone Garcon who describes her as a person who cares about the well being of others, specifically women. Just by speaking with her you can see how passionate she is to support and uplift young women. Although Nogie has high demands at Bank of America as the Global Head of Market Flows Strategy, Data, and Innovation group, she does not let that stop her from pursuing her dreams. As well as helping her leave an impact on women’s lives. Nogie is a representation of persistence and a hunger for evolution. 


Alexandra Olivier

is a teacher at Unity Prep High School. Alexandra is being nominated by one of her students for the Educator Community Award. This award goes to instructors who are going the extra mile to encourage, inform, and inspire their students on a daily basis. After one of her students expressed to her difficulties in affording their college applications, she offered and insisted on paying for them so that the particular student would not miss out on an opportunity due to their finances. Through this act of kindness, she was able to leave a lasting impact on that student and be a major instrument in their success. 


Naj Austin

is the founder of Ethel’s Club a membership social space housed in Williamsburg. Naj Austin was inspired by the success of The Wing and wanted to create something similar for women of color. The club currently features products made by people of color in the front of the club, and a members-only quarter in the back. Membership is application-based, those interested parties must support the brand mission of empowering and advancing people of color.


Rechelle Dennis

is the co-founder of Girls United with ESSENCE. It was launched as an impact initiative to inspire young Black girls to become the women they desire to be through the ability to learn financial, political, and health literacy skills. Girls United is ensuring that those conversations are being had with young women, and are further implemented with mentorship. Girls United is a solution-based content platform to provide young girls a solution to these problems through content, networking, and building relationships to enrich girls with knowledge they’ve never had before.

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