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Planning for the Future

Updated: Aug 19, 2021

You all are aspiring to be future doctors, lawyers, engineers, entrepreneurs, and more. Below are various resources to help you down whatever path you choose.

Resume Tips & Tricks

Before you enter the career of your dreams your resume has to be ready to go.

  1. You should be updating your resume whenever you have a new experience to add or once a semester.

  2. Have multiple resumes!

    1. As University Scholars we are multifaceted and we do a lot. It is okay to have different resumes for your different interests.

    2. Have a major/master resume where all your experiences go that you can copy and edit.

  3. Proof read your resume

    1. Reading aloud helps

    2. Asking a peer to review

Need more help? Here are sample resumes

Empty Resume? No Problem

Below are resources to help you build field specific skills and search for job opportunities.

Job Boards & Career Resources

Now that your resume is ready to go here are some job boards that you should look

at regularly.

  • Jopwell Job Board

  • Find a professional organization to join

    • This is a great way to get access to mentors and other exclusive opportunites

    • Click here for our list

Free Courses

Computer Science Resources

What: CS50's Introduction to Artificial Intelligence with Python. An introductory level course that will teach you how to graph search algorithms, design intelligent systems, how to use AI in python programs, and more!

Cost: Free to Audit ($199 for certificate)

When: 7-weeks self paced

Click here for more information

What: Basics of Computing and Programming is a self paced introductory course. Using Python some of the topics that will be covered are positional number systems, hello world, functions, strings, and more!

Cost: Free (there is a fee if you want a certificate)

When: 9 weeks self paced

Click here for more information

Social Media Marketing

What: Facebook's Coursera Introductory course on social media marketing. In this course you will learn the history of social media and the different channels exist, and more!

Cost: Free

When: Self paced !

Click here for more information

Graduating?: Post-Grad Opportunities

What: An international scholarship program that allows students from all around the world to study at the University of Oxford. The main requirement is you have completed or will complete college or university with a gpa minimum of 3.75.

Click here for more info

What: Our partner Chanel is recruiting! Click on the job titles below for more info

What: A two-year fellowship program that gives college graduates startup experience and aids them in becoming leaders who make meaningful impacts with their careers.

Click here for more info

What: A graduate school fellowship for New Americans that honors the contributions of immigrants and children of immigrants in the United States. Each year 30 individuals are chosen to receive $90,00 in financial support for over two years.

Click here for more info

Know of more resources that can benefit another University Scholar?

Share them in the GroupMe or email them to me so we can add it to our newsletter!

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