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Career Interview: Ashley Norbert, Astaysha Harris, Serenity Bivins, Denesia Spencer&Abigail Johnson

Interviewing: Gaiana Joseph

On Saturday, June 19th, 2020, We had the amazing privilege to meet well-rounded individuals who have shown progression throughout their careers. One individual we had the privilege of interviewing was Ms. Gaiana Joseph! We asked Ms. Joseph what her experiences were like in college and how her experiences shaped her overall character. See her responses below:

Tell us about how and why you entered your career!

GJ - So I majored in Africana Studies and French and was premed originally. I was never truly sold on the whole premed thing but being a child of immigrants (and having been born in Haiti myself), made it so that’s what I’m meant to do. I struggled a lot after realizing that premed wasn’t for me. I tried time and time again but it just never felt right. So I decided to stop pursuing a post back at Fordham and got a job in publishing at Penguin Random House. It was a really great place where I got to learn more about myself and I really grew in terms of my networking and skillset. I used a lot of the resources at Penguin to grow my tech skills for this new job that I’m in I connected with a Smith alum and found this new position and decided to try it out. Tech has always been interesting to me but I guess I psyched myself out because I’m a woman and I’m Black. You’ll notice that there aren’t many of us in this field. But I found my tribe and I went for this opportunity I’m in right now.

What is your favorite part of your career? (current or past)

GJ - My favorite part about my career is that I’m still learning! Especially in tech, things are always changing and it’s been super exciting. I’m glad that I’m in a field that’s innovative because we grow as the world around us grows. I’m excited about the future of tech and especially the future of the intersection of tech and finance. I’m also happy that I kind of ended up here by chance. I’ve had a lot of anxiety related to my career and my place in the professional world but I’m happy to say that my nonlinear and nontraditional path has been so rewarding. I’m rich in experience and I think a lot of people I meet either socially or professionally see that and it adds to my character.

We want to thank Ms. Giana Joseph for being patient with us as we learn more about her and her career! She has been an inspiration to us all and we look forward to working with her each step of the way!

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