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Bucknell University Student Spotlight Interview with First-Generation Black Student, Endia Scales

Updated: Nov 21, 2023

First-Generation Black Student, Endia Scales

Endia Scales, first-generation Black Student, is a rising senior at Bucknell University. She is an Education major with a concentration in Policy & Social Change. She also minors in Social Justice. She intends to graduate in 2024.

Endia was asked about diversity, equity, and inclusion at Bucknell. She provided pointers and insight into the university's diverse atmosphere and student life.

Can you describe what kind of support/communities exist for minority students at Bucknell University ?

Here at Bucknell, various communities exist to cater to our unique identities. An office on campus that has been essential to my development and growth is the Office of Multicultural Student Services. They offer support in various forms like connecting you to clubs/organizations that align with who you are, being a listening ear when you need the most, or making sure you’re aware of everything Bucknell has to offer you as a student.

There are also other offices like the LGBTQIA+ and Religious offices. Outside of professional support, there are also student-led clubs and organizations that are like home away from home! We have The Black Student Union, The Black African and Caribbean Student Association, and the Latinx Student Association, just to name a few.

The Black Student Union at Bucknell University posing together with shirts
Black Student Union at Bucknell University

In what ways can a student of Color find her niche at Bucknell University and feel supported?

As a Black first-gen student here at Bucknell I think what helped me find my ‘niche’ and feel supported was finding what I was passionate about. I simply used all the resources that Bucknell has to offer to amplify that experience and what I can do while I’m here.

It can be hard to find your community at a predominantly white institution but once you do, those people will support you and help you nurture and fuel those passions and ambitions even more. Be open to new things, and try something you’ve never tried before, you never know what you may like.

What advice do you have for Juniors and Seniors in high school who want to attend Bucknell University and want their application to stand out?

The best advice I can give is to stay true to who you are and tell us your story. Real people with real emotions and feelings read these applications, so tell them something that’ll make them feel, and remember you.

Test scores and GPAs are important -- but they want to know the whole you, not just what your test scores say about you. Tell them about yourself -- what makes you happy, what your passions and biggest dreams are. You can even go as far as telling them about what you want out of your university experience -- they might just offer it up to you to help you get to your goals.

What are some of Bucknell University’s most notable programs? (Programs of study, extracurriculars, etc).

Bucknell has over 100 student-led clubs and organizations but I think some of our most notable extracurriculars are some of our D1 sports teams and our biggest clubs. Despite how big or small a club is though they all have an impact on the student experience.

I’m currently the president of our Black Student Union and we host an annual event, Black Arts Fest in February, which is my favorite Bucknell event, among some of the cultural

dinners/shows that some of the other clubs put on in the Spring semester as well.

What advice would you offer a student who is considering attending Bucknell University, but is on the fence about it?

Think about who you want to be, and where you want to be when you leave undergrad, and what Bucknell can do to help you get there. Talk to students about their experience! Every Bucknell student is unique and we all experience different things while we’re here, but there’s no one better to tell you about the experience than someone who’s lived it.

One word to describe a Bucknell University student?


To learn more about diversity and inclusion at Bucknell University, Visit here.


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