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Seeds of Fortune Launches Online College Prep Network

Updated: Jul 30, 2020

Seeds of Fortune Inc. has launched the 1st College Prep Online Network for young women across the country in grades 11th through 12th.

The online network will allow students of color the opportunity to explore college opportunities, gain college access and to learn how to optimize on certain skills. This program is designed to provide college preparatory courses to rising High school Juniors and Seniors. The program helps students with resume building, cultivating their personal statement, and securing scholarships and college packages. This network will discuss topics such as the do’s and don’ts for a professional resume and how to differentiate yourself from other candidates in the application process. Lastly, it will divulge information about financial aid and how to make sure that you are getting the most financial support that you can.

The program is designed to help these young women develop the skills that they need to prepare them for college. The methodology behind the program is based on the Seeds of Fortune Inc. scholars program where women of color receive tools on financial readiness in an attempt to make them equipped for college. Not only does this program provide financial advice to these students but it also provides tele-mentorship opportunities and connections to a pool of Seed alumni. It’s an opportunity to be around like minded individuals who share commonalities through their desire to gain knowledge and remain debt free. 

If you think a young women would be a great addition to the online network, have them visit our website: 

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