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Girl Up Career Interview: Shanel Griffith By Jaida Dent

What is your favorite part of your career (current or past)?

Shanel works in the media, specifically in news and politics. She likes that she has the opportunity to contribute to the news that is present to people.

How does being in the newsroom affect you as a person?

It made Shanel more empathetic and aware of the world around her. She constantly hears stories about her people and culture and it makes her realize about the world she lives in. It has also helped her look for the correct sources and know when something is real and when something is not true.

What is some advice you would offer to someone who is interested in your work?

Do what you love and what you want to do in life


Talking with Shanel inspired me personally because this is someone who works in the newsroom, a place where people turn to answers and for truth in a time like now. She has to hear the stories of what is happening to people like her, yet it drives her to want to do her job better so that through her work she can somehow give people hope about what is happening in the coming days.

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Jack M
Jack M
Sep 22, 2022

This was a lovely bllog post

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