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Girl Up Career Interview: Shanel Griffith by Annette Palacios

Was this always your chosen career path?

Shanel originally thought she would be an actress and study that field in college; however, she instead went on to major in film and tv production at Fordham University. She has been working in media and news as a production assistant at MSNBC where she researches and chases the latest news stories while uploading content for the company’s social media pages.

What skills have you found vital to your job?

Being in media and television production means constantly being surrounded by people, so you need to be able to talk to people and learn to listen and take direction when necessary. Shanel would consider herself to be an introvert, but she knows that in the industry she works in connections and the ability to be open up to people is key to success.

Was there a career setback you faced which you later realized was an advantage?

Like most recently graduated college students, Shanel couldn't find a job but it turned out to be an important time where she was able to hone in on her skills and take on internships that would help her figure out her career path.

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