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Businesses are created to meet a need in the world; usually these needs come from problems that everyday people want/need solutions to make their lives more productive. For example, someone invented a toothbrush to help you brush your teeth every morning, then someone invented an electronic toothbrush to help you brush your teeth even better. 

Name 3 problems you would like to solve: 


Founder, Oladotun Idowu

Oladotun Idowu is a graduate of S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications at Syracuse University. She started SISTERS IN MEDIA in the hopes of giving young women of color an opportunity to be immersed in media and contribute to that creative environment. Her expertise is in marketing, strategic communications, research, and publicity with a focus in television and film. 

Ola was able to build a business by focusing on her passion for media to help her community to gain access to resources. Think about the problems affecting your community (neighborhood, school, community organization, city, country, or the world).

Choose one problem you would like to solve: 

Will your solution come in the form of a product or solution? 

When solving a problem you have to decide if your solution will come in the form of a product or service. 

Product: A good, idea, method, information, object or service created to serve a need or satisfies a want. It has a combination of tangible and intangible attributes (benefits, features, functions, uses) that a seller offers a buyer for purchase. For example a seller of a toothbrush not only offers the physical product but also the idea that the consumer will be improving the health of their teeth. 

Service: A product overall is an object or substance that is up to sale where as a service is more of system supplying a public need such as communications or transport.

Oladotun Idowu's business Sisters In Media (SIM) is a service. It is an organization for minority women in the media profession. The purpose of SIM is to increase the presence of women of color in entertainment while making valuable contributions to the industry and society at large. The organization is committed to the belief that diverse women should be presented with more industry connections and offered more opportunities to develop a career in media. They have connected many young professionals with media executives to foster mentorships and career/internship opportunities.

​Now that you have read the definition of a product and a service, please follow the below steps:

How does your product/service connect to the problem you have chosen to solve? (Must respond in 150 words)

Name your company:

The statement of purpose for your small business defines your company's core goals and purpose. Please include the below:

  • Your aims and objectives.

  • The services you provide or product

  • The needs your service meets.

  • Your contact details.

  • The places where services are provided.​

Google Inc. was founded to make it easier to find high-quality information on the web. (1998)


The Wikimedia Foundation, Inc. is an international non-profit organization dedicated to encouraging the growth, development and distribution of free, multilingual content, and to providing the full content of these wiki-based projects to the public free of charge.


Write the purpose of your company. You must respond in 150 words. 

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