Shanty Figueroa

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Statement of Purpose:

The purpose of my company will be to benefit and inform those on how sexism affects us all. Sexism happens daily, the workshops will carry out activities that show sexism and even testimonies from females who experience sexism. Young ages will see how to put and end to this disgraceful belief we have in society. Women are not sex figures, housewives or assistants. A woman is a queen, they shouldn’t be turned down jobs when they are more than qualified, or given lower positions and looked at as only maids and wives who cater to men. Women are motherly figures, they go through so much and are looked as weak, there would be different workshops that work towards how much a woman means and how much women have contributed to our communities and lastly the role models they are.


Unitarian Church

Cultures Connecting

Cheriton School of Computer Science


All Ages

Will Do Community Events

There Will Be Personal Help (Trips, Internships, Job Fairs, Networking)


The Resources I Will Need Will Be Money. The Money Will Cover The Cost Of Whatever Is Needed For The Coaches At Workshops Who Are Giving And Teaching On The Information Of Sexism. Also For Buildings That The Workshops Will Be Held. It Will Be A Non-Profit Organization So It Will Need Many Supporters. There Will Be Different Workshops For Different Ages, Preferably 10-17, 18-28, And 29+. There Would Be Cost For Trips For The Younger Ages & Internship Opportunities & Jobs For The Older Ages. There Would Be Monthly Community Services That Would Open To The Whole Community & Awareness On Sexism. A Major Resource Would Be Younger People, Young Males & Females Should Learn From Young That Sexism Is A Problem We Face In This World And If We Teach Them Young There Would Be A Huge Possibility Of Sexism Ending In The Near Future. Networking Would Be A Huge Resource Because The Teens And Adults Would Have Chances To Work With Each Other On Different Projects. Also Empowerment, In Society Women Put Each Other Down So Much, Sexism Only Rises More. Empowerment Would Allow The Workshops To Respect Each Other Outside Of Sexism Workshops.
There Would Be Centers In Different Communities To Run Workshops And Furnished.

People Needed to Complete This Project:

A Realtor



Organizations To Partner With:

Douglass Elliman


Communities Of NYC


Total Cost Equation:
3 Workshops * Ages 14-18*= $45.00
5 Workshops * Ages-19+*=$60.00

Total Cost= $105.00

Trips Additional $15.00

Internship/Job Fairs Additional $35.00


Who: Ages 14+
Community Members
Males & Females

What: Workshop #1- "Am I Sexist?"
Workshop #2- "Know Your Worth"
Workshop #3- "Am I Really A Perpetrator?!"
Workshop #4- "Queen Put Your Crown On"
Workshop#5- "How Can I Avoid Sexism"

When: Fall- Winter Sessions- September 21- December 18
Spring -Summer Sessions- March 17- July 2

Where: Brooklyn& Queens Residents Will Go To St. Johns Recreation Center 1251 Prospect Pl, Brooklyn, NY 11213
Bronx, Manhattan And Staten Island Residents Will Go To Manhattan Recreation Center 1101 Poyntz Ave.
Manhattan, KS 66502

Why, To Inform On Sexism And Put And End To The Ignorance.

By Encouraging Communities To Take Different Workshops And Advertising The Future Outcomes.



This is your completed business plan. Please save this link to refer back to when completing your final executive summary! 

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