Serenity Sherwood

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The Helping Hand

Statement of Purpose:

The purpose of my company is to help minority groups off the streets and into their books. Many stereotypes are made about minority groups being "gangsters" or "hoodlums" because they spend more amount of time on the streets than in school. This organization is trying to prove that the stereotype is false when minority groups have potential. Some people of color aren't given the opportunity to explore different career options or free SAT help like other schools may give. With our help we can give all of those things for free in order to ensure that they are successful later in life. Our organization will ensure that your child will graduate high school and college on time. We also provide college tours so students can get the idea of college life in order to be prepared. We also provide financial help for college if even needed and we make sure our students are set for life.




Equal opportunity schools


Students experience a variety of professional careers

We help students throughout high school and college

Students doesn't just focus on businesses


I need examples of how businesses are created online in order to get an idea of how to make mine. Statistics and facts are also needed to convince the audience of how my organization can be beneficial to people of color. Another thing that I need is to build up ethos by finding a way how I am a credible speaker for this topic. I will also need information from people who have dropped out of highschool in order to know how being a dropout affected them long term and if they regret their choices. The last thing that I need is help from the other seeds of fortune girls so I can get feedback on how to make my business better .

People Needed to Complete This Project:


Colleagues in my school


Organizations To Partner With:

National dropout prevention center




Each history book= $15.00

Each Math book= $12.75

Each English language arts book = $20.00

Each science book = $17.00


My product is open to consumers of ANY age whether it be teenagers, adults, the elderly, children from the age of 6, etc

To help minority groups in the education system with the support that they need.

8:00am-7:00pm, Saturday, located in manhattan

Located at our building in midtown manhattan, New York

The goal of this business is to ensure people of color are staying in school.

Facebook (social media) and advertisements on google



This is your completed business plan. Please save this link to refer back to when completing your final executive summary! 

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