Angie Galicia

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Future Generations

Statement of Purpose:

The Future Generation is a non-profit organization devoted to teaching students valuable lessons that they will use in real-life situations that some schools don't provide. Such as how to properly communicate with their future colleagues, boss, professor and so on. The organization also serves to teach students to manage money, properly do taxes, look for a job, car/house insurance, cook for themselves, make a good impression whether it be to their boss or co-worker. The organization will make certain that each student graduates knowing how to properly take care of themselves, how to start their career manage their money and skills that they will use as adults. It will come as a relief to parents and guardians of children that their child knows more than them when they (the parents/guardians) went on their own. The organization will also teach students the prejudice that is in the world and what to do or consider if they are ever put in a situation where their nationality or ethnicity is put against them.


Brooking Institution

Overcoming Obstacles



Teaching cooking


home/car insurance


To complete this project the resources that I require are people who are teachers in different subjects to be able to help the students with any school work or to help them better understand their classes. A person with knowledge of the different laws in the United States to explain to each student about how laws in the country and in each state works and how you have to be cautious on what you sign up for. More than one college counselor to be able to aid each student in figuring out what college is perfect for them to go to or consider. As well as figuring out what scholarships to apply for and someone who can help students with figuring out their living situations if they are applying to an out of state college. Financial managers to help manage the money that goes into the organization and give students an idea on how to handle their own money and what they should invest in. Money is another resource that my organization needs to be able to get a place where all students will be able to come together and meet with teachers, counselors and attend the different classes that my program has to offer.

People Needed to Complete This Project:


Financial Manager


Organizations To Partner With:

Community for Education Foundation




Staffing = $18 per hour
finance = $ 16

Total = $ 34


Middle - High School students

My service will give you the experience and the knowledge you need for not only the college life but for real-life situations as well. It will prepare you for responsibilities that most schools don't teach or go in depth in.

The launch date is March 22, 2020. Weekdays from 4:00 - 7:00 PM and Weekends 10:30 AM - 4:30 PM

In each state

My business was created to help the lower income students of families be successful in college and in life. Not many know how taxes work or how to properly cook for themselves and end up eating junk food most of the time. My organization will aid students in knowing how to take care of themselves.

Social Media, School Presentations, Newspaper or website



This is your completed business plan. Please save this link to refer back to when completing your final executive summary! 

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