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Seeds of Fortune Inc

Online Network

The Seeds of Fortune Inc. Online College

Prep Network provides young women of color in 10-12th grade an exclusive network to explore develop scholarship and college packages, career skills, and financial literacy through an intensive online preparatory process. 




What do you receive by being a part of the online Network?

  1. Help preparing an amazing College and Scholarship Application

  2. Exclusive College Lessons 

  3. Participate in conversations with people that have like-minded interests of being successful debt free college graduates

  4. Exclusive Events 

  5. Live Video Session to inquire about the college/scholarship applications


Take our quiz to see if you are eligible for the Seeds Online Network?
Do you have a gpa of 2.7+?
Do you identify a young woman of color?
Are you in the 10th, 11th, or 12th grade of high school?
Are an ambitious and driven young woman?