Planting Seeds of Economic Empowerment for Young Women of Color Starting with College

A Seed Investor is an individual, who is dedicated to investing in young women and are looking to receive a higher rate of return through the opportunity to provide a young woman the ability to gain access to higher education, start her career path, and most importantly build her financial acumen. 

Individual Contributor
$10 is the minimum online donation. All donations are tax deductible.
In honor of our annual #Seed2Bloom Awards each donor will automatically be entered into our Jet Blue Airline Ticket Giveaway Raffle.1 Ticket Per every $10 donated
$10 - Support Scholar Meeting Meal
$15 - Seeds of Fortune Inc. Scholarship Guide 
$25 - Access to Scholly App 
$50 - College Tour Bus
$150 - Laptop or Portable Wifi Adapter 
$250 - All of the Above 
Seed Investor
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Seed Investors
Bull Market Donor: $10,000+ 

A donor aggressive in impacting young women of color and their financial future, creating systematic change in generational wealth in minority communities.


  • Unique Benefits:

    • Program or Event Naming Right

    • Custom engagement with our Seed HS Scholar, Seed University  and College Prep Online Members 

  • Brand Recognition:

    • Sponsor Dedication page

    • Angel and Growth, Equity Donor

    • Seed to Bloom Awards (15 Tickets) 

Equity Donor: $5,000+ 

 A donor that desires to journey with a young women through her 6 year financial adventure from high school to college graduation. Investing in both our high school and university program.


  • Unique Benefits:
    • Content Sponsorship inside of our College Prep Online Platform
    • Custom Engagement with Seed HS Scholars and College Prep Online Members 
    • Opportunity to obtain Free (2) JetBlue Airline Tickets
  • Brand Recognition:

    • Public Thank you advertisement in the media

    • Angel and Growth Donor

    • Seed to Bloom Awards (10 Tickets)

Growth Donor: $1,000+

A donor that desires to assist Seeds of Fortune Inc. in increasing capacity for our new and recurring programs. 



  • Unique Benefits:

    • Award Naming Right

    • Company/Individual Name mentioned in all Media advertising: Print, Online, or Radio

    • Invitation to Annual Dinner 

  • Brand Recognition:

    • Mention in new product Press Release
    • Opportunity to display all Products, Services, or Company-Marketing Materials

    • Full page company Advertisement in the Event Program

      • Seed to Bloom Awards​ (5 Tickets) 

      • College Prep Boot Camp

      • Seed University Career and Financial Empowerment Summit 

      • Angel Donor inclusion

Small businesses and individuals that believe in our mission and seek to sponsor (2) Individual Seed Scholars or (20) Online College Prep Network Seed Members


  • Unique Benefits:

    • "Businesses/Individuals Who Invest" Article Feature on Blog

    • Invitation to Annual Donors Thank You Happy Hour 

    • Opportunity to obtain Free (1) JetBlue Airline Ticket 

  • Brand Recognition:

    • Sponsor Recognition on Marketing and Promotional collateral:

      • Website and Scholar Application Distributed Logo (400 + Educational Institutions Across NYC)

      • Full page company Advertisement in the Event Program/Digital Sponsorship Logo in event 

        • Seed to Bloom Awards (2 Tickets to event)​

        • Summer College Prep Boot Camp

    • Social Media Tags

Angel Donor: $500
Sponsor a Scholar Subscription

Sponsor a Scholar for $20.20 a Month for a Year

Sponsorship includes: 

  • Career Conferences and Resume Building Workshops

  • Writing Coaches for College Essays 

  • Laptops for Low Income Scholars 

  • Food and other logistic expenses during Scholar Workshops

Items I needed to be a successful Seed Scholar

Past Donors:

Vicki Thompson
Helen Nurse
Keisha Alleyne 
Beverley Tatham 
Juliana Rodriguez
Celeste Thompson
Joey Mensah 
Carrie Pink/Lilly  
Andrea Schulters 
Chia Pan 
Kevin Bryuneel 
Bethany Morton
Alexis Javardian
Karen Toulon 


Thomas Ott
Curtis Brunson
Victoria Edwards 
Sharon Scott 
Josh Wark
Sterling Charles
Emmanuel Baptist Church 
Lu-Shawn Thompson
Diane Bailey 
Manyell Akinfe
Melissa Shaak 
Christina Garretto

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